Cantata concert on the schwanberg

Cantata concert on the Schwanberg

In the movie “Sister Act Whoopi Goldberg, as Sister Mary Clarence, formed a choir from a clueless band of nuns, whose performances brought the audience to its feet. The Mary Clarence who works on the Schwanberg these days is called Christel Huttner, is a church music director in real life and lives in Dettelbach. In just four days, she formed the ‘Schwanberg’ project choir from a few sisters and about 50 singers from all over Germany, all of them amateurs.

On Saturday evening, at 19.30 o’clock, she performs in the St. Michaels church on the Schwanberg the Bach cantata “Stay with us, because it will be evening” at. The choir will be supported by the soprano Helen Rohrbach, the couter tenor Christian Rohrbach, the tenor Johannes Straub and the bass Peter Buss-Huttner as well as the orchestra of the Musikhochschule Wurzburg. Admission is free.

From amateurs comes a choir

What is the attraction for a church music director who has worked with the Bamberg Symphony Orchestra, the Prague Symphony Orchestra and many other professionals to realize such a project with amateurs of all people?? “It has an incredible appeal,”, answers Christel Huttner “to form a community out of a wildly mixed bunch”.

And she continues: “It’s always wonderful to see how people grow together through music and create something great create”.

From the first rehearsal on Wednesday evening, the orchestra practiced for eight hours a day. “Friday evening everything is in the shell, Saturday morning we still have to weed and then follows the dress rehearsal”, Huttner reveals.
Shell? Weeding? “Her language is unbelievably pictorial”, reports Annette Muller. She traveled from Hattersheim near Frankfurt especially for the choir project to the Schwanberg. At home she also sings in a church choir. “But there it is not possible to sing with a large orchestra and outstanding soloists”.

Six years ago Annette Muller was a guest for the first time at the Spiritual Center on the Schwanberg. At that time she had taken part in a psalm singing course and heard about Christel Huttner’s project. Since then it is present every year.

Since 2007 twice a year

“Many people no longer want to be tied to just one congregation or one community.”, explains Huttner. “They enjoy the limited practicing towards a goal and then go apart again”. This concentration on just a few days concentrates a freshness and an energy that could already be felt at the Schwanberg in the first rehearsal.

From the beat, the challenging fugues already sounded quite good. “You don’t have to be perfect, confesses Annette Muller “but you have to touch the people”.

Apparently the project succeeds, because the choir project days prosper already since 2007. Twice a year, in spring and late fall, the rehearsed Mozart masses, Bach cantatas or also
A capella pieces presented to a wide audience.

Christel Huttner is already promoting one of her greatest challenges.

In November 2013, it wants to perform the Brahms Requiem with the Schwanberg Project Choir, the North Bohemian Philharmonic Orchestra Teplice and many soloists in the Ebrach Abbey Church. “But then I need at least 80 contributors for that”, she reveals hopefully. “People who like to sing and can sing well are cordially invited”.

A first impression of what this choir will then be capable of is given by today’s concert in St.-St. Michael’s Church.

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