Children engaged with martin luther

Children engaged with Martin Luther

Katharina Muller-Sanke

God loves us – God’s love has nothing to do with money. That is the core message, on which the Kindergarten “Kinder Arche” is based Breaking down Luther’s legacy. The children and their teachers have dedicated an entire exhibition to Martin Luther. And that fits naturally outstanding to the Lutherjahr of this year. What the children have learned is displayed on ten walls in the Lutheran church in Mainleus. In this way, all visitors have the opportunity to expand their knowledge about the important reformer. The 95 theses are posted there and Luther’s curriculum vitae, which has been prepared in a way that is suitable for children. Also information about Melanchton and Cranach – two companions of Luther – can be found there. By presenting Luther’s life and his wife Katharina von Bora, Luther becomes an actual person. Pictures painted by the children of Luther and also what the children wrote with real quills round out the exhibition.
“Martin Luther translated the Bible – and wrote it down so that we can still read it today”, explains six-year-old Silvio Baumann. The children also painted a Luther rose – the seal that Luther used for his letters. In the family service, the children of the after-school care center told the story of the lost sheep, and the kindergarten, together with Pastor Schafer and Bruno Bibelbar, performed a story play about Luther and his important work. The exhibition can be seen daily for the next few weeks.

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