Match winner elias burdack

2. Bezirksliga Ost Men

SC Heuchelhof Wurzburg II – TV Poppenlauer 3:9 (16:31 sets).
The newly crowned champion of the 2. Bezirksliga Ost was a guest at SC Heuchelhof Wurzburg II and could play without any pressure. Without any problems the first two doubles were won by Ulrich Haack/Guido Hochrein and Manuel Roth/Andre Hein. The last match was decided in the fifth set for the hosts. In the first round of singles Ulrich Haack and Manuel Roth won 3:1. Andre Heim was clearly beaten by Peter Koch 3:0. But the early champion did not let himself be put off track by this defeat and decided all duels except one (Ulrich Haack against Rainer Ziegler) for himself.

District League East Boys

SV 73 Langendorf – DJK Ganheim 8:5 (30:22 sets).
Already after the doubles it was obvious that both teams were on the same level. At the score of 1:1 the singles round started fantastically for the boys from Langendorf. Luca Schmid, Robin Schmidt and Elias Burdack each won against their opponents to give SV 73 Langendorf an interim lead of 4:1. But this quickly disappeared as DJK got into the game better and won the following three matches. But Elias Burdack got off on the right foot that day and put in a strong performance. He first won his second game in the deciding set and then his third game 3:1. At 6:5, the home team was only two points short and Luca Schmid, who won 3:1 against Marco Pfister, and Robin Schmidt, who won in the fifth set.

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