Shooters choose the 50. King

Shooters choose the 50. King

The Wannigtal shooting club enthroned its new dignitaries with a hearty celebration. As in the past years, Winfried Bieber provided the best musical entertainment. And because the 50. When the club, which was founded in 1965, celebrated its first king’s day, a jubilee target was shot to mark the occasion. Here only one shot was possible and Julian Saal secured the richly decorated target with a 191.7-piece score.

The title of shooting champion, however, went to Markus Bauer with a 30-piece score. He is joined as knights by Martina Krug (92.6) and Rene Klenner (102.5). The dignity of the Youth King was secured by Benjamin Kehl with a 303.9-piece score, ahead of Elaio Simsa (436.3) and Lucas Helmerich (515.0).

The archers determine the “Robin Hood as their best. In this discipline Thomas Weigand defended his title from the previous year. The ranks two and three occupied as “Little John” Marco Kehl and as “Brother Tuck Manfred Stenke. In the youth competition, Moritz Kehl decided this one in his favor. Ferdinand Gotz and Maike Scheuplein followed in the other places.

Best series: Markus Bauer

In the other competitions, the following emerged as winners: Lucas Helmerich (youth cup), Martina Krug (ladies’ prize), Heike Saal (lucky shot), Max Kirchschlager (light rifle), Sonja Roder (non-cash prize), Uwe Gotz (old age cup), Rene Klenner (venison), Markus Bauer (pistol cup), Markus Bauer (champion air pistol), Rene Klenner (champion air rifle), Jakob Morber (youth lucky shot), Gerhard Botsch (adult lucky shot), Ferdinand Gotz (youth dart), Marcel Kleinhenz (adult dart), Moritz Kehl (youth champion), and Marco Kehl (adult champion).

A total of 33 shooters had participated in the air rifle and air pistol competitions. The best series was shot by Markus Bauer with 96 rings. The best shot of the whole competition was made by Uwe Gotz with a 6.0 score.

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