The cooks invite you to dinner and the ball

The cooks invite you to dinner and the ball

100 years of the Regentenbau – This was the focus of the “Bad Kissinger October Gala 2013”, which is traditionally hosted by the Kissingen cooks’ association. The title is not only associated with the art of architecture in Bad Kissingen, when cooks organize such an event, it is of course also about the art of cooking. The OMB Big Band has been engaged to play for the guests of the evening, so that this art does not affect their hips so much.
The traditional ball of the Kissinger cooks is held for over 60 years “in the good room of Bad Kissingen” (Regency Building), Erich Matejsek told the nearly 300 guests. After having moved to the Wandelhalle in recent years, the 100th anniversary of the Regentenbau was used as an occasion to return to the Max Littmann Hall.

Prepared and decorated

And the hard-working helpers of the association, in cooperation with the team of the Kurgarten-Cafe, had prepared and decorated the hall for the festive evening. The festively decorated tables conjured admiring astonishment on the faces of the loyal guests, below them also Lord Mayor Kay Blankenburg (SPD) and spa director Frank Oette. The history of the building came alive with the Historical Personalities from the Rakoczy Festival: Prince Regent Luitpold, King Ludwig III. and Professor Max Littmann as the architect of the building.
The historical personalities honored the importance of the Kissingen cooks as culinary ambassadors far beyond the city limits and as guarantors for an “enjoyable evening”. The Kissingen chefs then redeemed these advance praises already with the appetizer: Mousse of smoked salmon and trout with cucumber textures, preserves of the Barbarie duck in gelled Schlottensud and pickled saddle of suckling pig with marinated mushrooms.
After a few rounds of dancing and the sale of tickets for the sumptuous raffle, the opened the buffet, which was served in the “White Hall” was set up. The active members of the chef’s association were ready to fill the plates or to answer interested questions in their white professional clothing. Applause of the guests.

Acrobatics on the vertical cloth

The artistic interlude of Maike Moerschen at the “Vertikaltuch” provided a breather in the dance round, which was stretched over the dance floor and with which the young woman presented top performances at a height of ten meters. Also present that evening was Marion Stein, a caricaturist and quick painter. She drew the guests with a few skilful strokes. Midnight highlight and surprise: the “dessert from the buffet”, that with Bengal fire into the “white hall” attracted. Here, too, we moved away from the usual: instead of the ice cream buffet, there were variations of iced souffles and creams, as well as delicious chocolates and a chocolate fountain with fresh fruit.
The conclusion of Erich Matejsek (and many guests): “A wonderful evening, which fulfilled all culinary and dancing expectations!”

Culinary superlatives

The planning of the gala evening was in the hands of Johannes Werner, who was assisted by Michael Seufert and Wolfgang Hammelmann. And this already for many years. Although one can access the logistics of the Kurgarten-Cafe and also the Heiligenfeld clinics prove to be generous sponsors, the human being is still the decisive factor in the preparations.
That is: The meals are prepared in the kitchens of the Luitpoldkliniken, to the Regentenbau transported, there again arranged and served and/or. presented at the buffet. In addition, dozens of thermophores for “saddle of veal tender pink roasted in walnut coat” or “Allerlei vom Saaletal-Lamm” with green beans or “Arctic cod with leaf spinach” necessary.
In addition, many plates were prepared for the “finger food” presented in the foyer as well as hundreds of jars for the souffles and creams. In addition, appetizer plates, plates for the main course and dessert were needed. Mind you: everything has to be brought, provided, cleared away and cleaned up again. Not to be forgotten are the cutlery and the glasses – for which the Kurgarten Cafe has taken care in the meantime, because the personnel resources of the Kissingen cooks are not sufficient for this.
According to Erich Matejsek, in 2013 15 people sacrificed their free time for this evening, and another 30 people were employed in service, according to Jochen Weh ner, who is responsible for the Kurgarten Cafe. These are fewer than in previous years, regrets Erich Matejsek, and also with the trainees one encounters smaller resonance “where they would see nevertheless times something, what in the gastronomic enterprises in this extent is no longer made.”

Arrived at limits

Everything has to be tightly organized to ensure that everything works out: Since Tuesday afternoon, the helpers have been on their feet to prepare everything that was. On Saturday it went on from 8 o’clock in the morning until Sunday in the early morning hours. “The time required reaches limits that we as an association can almost no longer shoulder”, said Matejsek looking back. “But on the other hand we feel connected to the tradition of the ball of the Kissinger cooks.” How to continue? A shrug of the shoulders is the answer.

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