Thomas d about life in corona times

Thomas D about life in Corona times

Learning at home instead of at school – that has also stressed the Fantastischen Vier quite a bit during the corona-related school closures.

“We have all the children who go to school. I really had to nibble at homeschooling,” band member Thomas D told the “Munchner Merkur” (Tuesday edition). “What a madness to do homework with the kids. My son is twelve and goes to high school. When the one with math comes….”

The musician came up with an unusual way to relax – according to the paper, he got himself an excavator: “I love digging holes.”What these are to be good for, he does not know yet exactly.

In 2021, the band, which has been around for more than 30 years, wants to be on stage again. This will be “a year like we’ve never had before,” hopes Thomas D. The Fantastischen Vier had to reschedule their concerts, as did many other musicians. “People are hungry for it, after all. You can see it in the many illegal parties. The isolation is getting to us all – and people will celebrate all the more when it’s possible again.”One will not give up. “As long as we can walk, hear something and talk, we will give concerts,” promised the 51-year-old. “Fanta 4 for ever, baby.”

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