Tv marktsteft pulls past hsg volkach

TV Marktsteft pulls past HSG Volkach

The top game of this match day took place in Marktsteft. The TVM, third in the table, welcomed the surprise team from Volkach, which after a very good start to the season had so far found itself in second place in the table. Both coaches expected an even game – and they should be right.
At least until the 45. Minute. The home side got off to a better start and quickly took a 3:0 lead. The HSG needed a few minutes to find their way into the game and was able to make up the deficit in the following period and equalized for the first time at 7:7. After that it went back and forth and the lead changed constantly. Both teams had again and again an answer ready and thus it went with a deserved draw into the cabins. After the change both teams continued where they had left off in the first half. Both sides continued to fight doggedly and neutralized each other. The question was which team would keep up the high tempo longer. The answer came midway through the second period. Until 18:18 the game was completely open, but suddenly and unexpectedly the game of the guests suffered a break and they didn’t manage much anymore.
The forces let up and the TV Marktsteft used this impressively. With a consistent defensive performance and safe finishes in attack provided within a few minutes with nine goals in a row for the decision. In the end they deservedly left the hall as winners and took over the second place in the table. “We were missing some players in preparation for this game. It is all the more pleasing that we were able to show our potential, especially in the second half, and win this game. We still have some tough games ahead of us and are pleased with the cushion of points we have collected so far.”, analyzed a satisfied coach Andreas Vielweber after the game.

Satisfied so far

His counterpart Matthias Lauer was realistic: “It is no surprise that Marktsteft won the game. We wanted to sell ourselves as expensive as possible, we succeeded very well for 45 minutes. Unfortunately we had then a break in the game and wanted to only with the head through the wall. Nevertheless, we are more than satisfied with the season so far and will continue to work with concentration.

Marktsteft: Johannes Ullrich, Felix Lang – Florian Lang 5, Michael Bayer 3/1, Dennis Schmidt 1, Dominik Orf 4, Dominik Thorwarth 3, Daniel Irmler 1, Stefan Bayer, Florian Irmler 7/3, Kevin Pfeiler 2, Thomas Heim 1;

Volkach: Sebastian Gursching, Johannes Vietz – Andre Brezina 1, Tim Fertig, Jens Fieseler, Thorsten Klinger 3/2, Martin Vogel 2, Taylor Vollhals 3, Tobias Herrling 6/1, Michael Kimmel, Christian Vogel, Wolfgang Hornich, Sebastian Kimmel 4, Sebastian Seitzer 1.

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