When it comes to peace in europe, renate schroff relies on youth

When it comes to peace in Europe, Renate Schroff relies on youth

In the twin town of Wolfsberg in Carinthia, Renate Schroff took part in the events marking Europe Day. In her welcoming address, the second mayor emphasized that it is precisely through international educational cooperation that mutual understanding and tolerance are promoted. “It is the youth that gives us hope that peace in Europe will be further consolidated”, said Schroff. Accompanied by the head of the secondary school, Heinz Proll, and the deputy principal of the vocational training center, Thomas Schock.
Heinz Proll had already participated in the Comenius project “Eco Media-Europe” in 2006 participated. Since 2012, he has been a national network partner and speaker at international conferences. The project for vocational orientation at secondary schools in five countries is to be continued within the framework of the Erasmus+ program.

Close cooperation

For years, there has been close cooperation between Schaeffler’s apprentice workshop and the vocational schools in Herzogenaurach, Wolfsberg, Nova Gradiska (Croatia), and Varpalota (Hungary). 20 office management trainees are in their third exchange year with schools in London and Dublin, including a four-week language course and company internship.
The other schools and kindergartens in Herzogenaurach have also been involved in international activities for years. For example, the Cuntz-Reyther elementary school is cooperating with the Wolfsberg elementary school in the area of traffic education, the Carl Platz school with the St. Johann at the linguistic education.
The Herzogenaurach students visited the Federal School Center, the Special Education Center and the Maximilian Schell School Center in Wolfsberg. Particularly impressive here were the measures for inclusion.

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