When the driver’s cab shakes

When the driver's cab shakes

“They are both super collaborators, but they can’t work together.” This is what the dispatcher of a forwarding agency attested to his employees. The second part of the statement proved to be true when more than just fists flew during a tense confrontation on the company premises. Now the younger one was sitting in front of the Kitzingen district court. The charge of assault was dropped. However, under the condition that he pays his unloved colleague 2,000 euros in compensation for pain and suffering and pays the costs of the proceedings.

All parties involved agreed on this way without a verdict after an interrupted hearing and an on-site visit, during which the court inspected the scene of the truck accident. However, this did not bring too much clarity into the contradictory versions of the opponents either. Just as little as the statements of a witness, who had apologized with the words to all involved: “I’m sorry, I have no idea.” After all, according to their testimony, it was clear that the two drivers in the truck had an altercation. “The driver’s cab was shaking violently”, said the woman who was filling up her tank next door. Then two men would have rolled on the ground and hit each other until one disappeared and one drove the truck away.

On-site meeting brought nothing

Who in the end had what share, who hit, why and how many times, who ran away and who drove, fell under the category of no idea. It was of no use that the judge had ordered an on-site visit. In view of the uncertain evidence and after a legal discussion with all parties involved, the proposal to end the case with the discontinuation and the payment of damages for pain and suffering. If the conditions are fulfilled within six months, the matter is finally off the table and the two can continue to prove themselves as super employees, even if they can’t talk to each other.

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