Zschape defense lawyer accuses bka investigators of dilettantism

Zschape defense lawyer accuses BKA investigators of dilettantism

One of Beate Zschape’s defense attorneys sharply criticized two investigators from the Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA) in the NSU trial in Munich, accusing them of “dilettantism”. In the process, attorney Wolfgang Stahl also engaged in vociferous exchanges with presiding judge Manfred Gotzl.

Gotzl accused the defense lawyer of asking the investigators leading questions, which the lawyer indignantly rejected. The two BKA officers had testified in court about how they interrogated a Zwickau cab driver shortly after the “National Socialist Underground” was busted in November 2011. He had told them he had taken Zschape to the train station six months earlier.

Stahl then criticized the two police officers for not putting their interrogation in writing until weeks later and also for “not openly” questioning their witness: “One wonders whether the result had not already been determined beforehand.”

The cab driver had testified at an earlier court hearing in Munich that he drove Zschape to the train station, where she then picked up two men. Then they went back to the street where the trio had their escape apartment. Until then, investigators had speculated that Zschape might have traveled by train to a supporter in Lower Saxony.

It was only after a lawyer for the Nebenklage asked for information that the Zwickau cab center had recorded Zschape’s alleged order call. This was not known until then. One of the BKA officials who appeared as a witness did not know where the telephone recording was located.

Zschape must answer for ten murders, two explosive attacks and a series of robberies with a right-wing extremist background in the NSU trial.

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