Children engaged with martin luther

Children engaged with Martin Luther

Katharina Muller-Sanke

God loves us – God’s love has nothing to do with money. That is the core message, on which the Kindergarten “Kinder Arche” is based Breaking down Luther’s legacy. The children and their teachers have dedicated an entire exhibition to Martin Luther. And that fits naturally outstanding to the Lutherjahr of this year. What the children have learned is displayed on ten walls in the Lutheran church in Mainleus. In this way, all visitors have the opportunity to expand their knowledge about the important reformer. The 95 theses are posted there and Luther’s curriculum vitae, which has been prepared in a way that is suitable for children. Also information about Melanchton and Cranach – two companions of Luther – can be found there. By presenting Luther’s life and his wife Katharina von Bora, Luther becomes an actual person. Pictures painted by the children of Luther and also what the children wrote with real quills round out the exhibition.
“Martin Luther translated the Bible – and wrote it down so that we can still read it today”, explains six-year-old Silvio Baumann. The children also painted a Luther rose – the seal that Luther used for his letters. In the family service, the children of the after-school care center told the story of the lost sheep, and the kindergarten, together with Pastor Schafer and Bruno Bibelbar, performed a story play about Luther and his important work. The exhibition can be seen daily for the next few weeks.

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The day the euro arrived

The day the euro arrived

Logistically, the effort was enormous. And the customers were curious to see what it would be like with the new money. They only knew the euro from pictures or the famous coin starter kit (contents: 10.23 euros worth 20 deutschmarks), which was issued by savings banks and banks in mid-December 2001.

Is the cash enough?

To ensure that everything ran as smoothly as possible at the turn of the year, the banks took precautions: “We started the hard phase of the cash-only changeover in the spring of 2001, Norbert Geier from the Sparkasse Ostunter franken remembers. At the time, he was coordinating the euro changeover in the Hassberge area for his bank. He also looked after business customers, whose main concern at the time was: Is the cash enough?? The savings bank was prepared: “A lot of additional surveillance technology was installed to house the cash reserves.” In the main office in Hassfurt, even part of the basement area was converted into a vault. Overall, says Geier, the changeover has gone well. Customers would have reacted quite positively to the euro. “Everyone was curious to see the new money. The private customers received bills yes starting from New Year from the cash dispensers.” The rush was enormous, and quite a few bank employees had to put in extra shifts.

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New club attraction does habfurt good

New club attraction does Habfurt good

“It’s amazing that there’s something like this in Hassfurt” one in the crowd expresses his enthusiasm. However, the at least on Friday was first somewhat dampened, because was opened from 20 clock only for invited guests – also as a thank you for helpers, craftsmen and representatives of city and authorities.
From 11 p.m. onwards, a queue of around 150 revellers formed, stretching from the entrance to the new event hall to Bahnhofstrasse. A few hours earlier, the official opening of the new location had been celebrated with invited guests, from which all those involved expect an upgrade of Habfurt’s nightlife.

The bosses of the “Cafe Kolsch

Ramon Hummer and Leonid Rosa, who have already opened the “Cafe Kolsch” in Schweinfurt, are the two most enthusiastic about the new restaurant two experienced hosts in the night gastronomy have been found, who were willing to breathe new life into the old goods hall at the Habfurt train station. The building, which is a listed building, has been extensively renovated in recent months, for which, according to the operator, 450000 euros were invested. The result is impressive. Already at the entrance one is welcomed at the historically recreated ticket counter – a nice idea for a checkroom. Inside the 200-square-meter hall, numerous accessories are reminiscent of times gone by. The bar built from old lattice boxes also has its own charm.

Mayor Gunther Werner was, in his own words, very pleased that the “LokWerk” had been established now finally opened. After a long period of vacancy, he considers it a stroke of luck for the city of Hassfurt that the two investors from Schweinfurt found each other in order to create something new here. “All other alternatives for the use of the goods hall were not so convincing and above all they would have cost the city a lot of money”, said Werner. For Werner, the club is an enhancement of Habfurt’s city life. The property continues to be owned by the city of Hassfurt. A leasehold agreement was concluded with the operators.

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Despite savings: bfv lacks 2.5 million euros

Despite savings: BFV lacks 2.5 million euros

The consequences of the Corona pandemic hit the budget of the Bavarian Football Association (BFV) with full force: Treasurer Jurgen Faltenbacher expects a shortfall of 2.5 million euros for 2020. Because the game operation currently again until at least 31. December, the BFV has suspended the since 1. The short-time work for his full-time staff, which had been in force since May, was extended once again. On average, the working hours of the approximately 80 permanent employees are reduced by around 60 percent.

The BFV has tried to minimize the deficit wherever possible. As things stand, the association is missing out on revenue of more than 6.5 million euros, offset by savings of around four million euros. “There is no area in our company that is not affected by the cost-cutting measures. But that is our duty. We have lost revenue at a staggering rate, almost a third of the total budget. By the way, this is not our money, but that of our members”, says treasurer Jurgen Faltenbacher. That these are to absorb the thick minus, however, is not planned. “Currently it is not an issue at all to increase the fees for the clubs because of the pandemic”, says press speaker Fabian Fruhwirth on inquiry: “This would have to decide anyway the federation day.”

Fees increased by 1.4 percent

Meanwhile, at its November meeting, the association’s board of directors approved an inflation-related fee adjustment of 1.4 percent for the coming year – as it does almost every year. The increase occurs to the 1. January in force and was decided in consideration of the consumer price indices for 2018 and 2019. Thus, the registration fee for an A-class player is 161.03 euros instead of 158.81 euros. Passport reissues remain free of charge.

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Schauble: new greece package much smaller

Schauble: New Greece package much smaller

He does not know any serious figures about a financial gap at the moment. Schauble told the Handelsblatt newspaper (Friday) that further aid had been promised “on condition that the Athens government complies with the measures imposed on it, and in the expectation that the sums involved will be much smaller than before. Because then Greece would generate a primary surplus – that is, a budget plus before interest payments on loans.

Where the additional money will come from has not yet been decided, he said: “But we have the ESM rescue fund – and it is far from exhausted,” Schauble said. There will certainly not be another debt cut, he affirmed. After the first debt relief, in which private creditors waived more than half of their claims, the finance ministers of the euro zone clearly said: “That was a one-time action, there will be no second debt cut. Never again!”

Schauble defended his move to clearly advocate a third bailout program for Greece. From the point of view of the opposition, the government has thus done an about-face. Schauble’s sentence had also caused criticism in the coalition. In the interview, he called the accusation that he was trying to conceal anything “nonsense”. He is glad that now the general public has perceived very precisely what he has said again and again since 2012: “We will have to deal with new measures for Greece in the middle of next year.”

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Chess: thinkers at the highest level

Chess: Thinkers at the highest level

This weekend the chess club Forchheim starts its adventure in the Bundesliga. This is not only a special date for the chairman Manfred Heidrich, but also for one of his predecessors Berthold Bartsch, who was at the head of the SC for 23 years.

When the single league was founded, in the 1980/81 season, the team from Forchheim was still a relatively small number and far from belonging to the top. Berthold Bartsch still doesn’t see his club as a top address in German chess, but at least in Bavarian chess. “The chance of staying in the league is minimal”, he dampens possible expectations – but he doesn’t want to rule anything out either.

Top foreigners

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