The red kites dance

The red kites dance

HSC Bad Neustadt – HC Erlangen II 25:23 (10:11).

Of all things against the table leader the Rotmilanen succeeded the first season’s victory, in the tenth attempt. A success that resulted in joyful dances on the field after this so far so messed up round. “A load off my mind”, HSC coach Frank Ihl began the press conference. Like lions his team had fought, and therefore had also deservedly won against the Bundesliga reserve.

The first five minutes were characterized by nervous actions of the opponents. Early on it became clear that the keeper Stanislaw Gorobtschuk and Michael Hassferter on the opposite side were in strong form. Mittelfranken took the lead through their left winger Tim Bauder and seemed to live up to their role as favorites after the second goal, before the Ihl proteges finally managed to score the redeeming first goal through Filip Susnjara after six minutes.

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Sv grobgarnstadt fights for a draw against sylvia

SV Grobgarnstadt fights for a draw against Sylvia

The top teams in the Coburg district league are running out of steam in the final spurt of the season: League leader Sylvia Ebersdorf had to settle for a 2:2 draw with SV Grobgarnstadt. Also only draw played the third SV Ketschendorf (2:2 in Heilgersdorf) and the fourth VfB Einberg (1:1 at Coburg Locals). Only the TSV Pfarrweisach presents itself stable at present, which takes over after the 3:0 victory with the TSVfB Krecktal temporarily the table point. However, the Ebersdorf team still has a make-up game (on Wednesday against Coburg Locals) and thus the championship is still in their own hands.
Spvg Ahorn took a big step towards staying in the league with a 4-0 win at TSG Niederfullbach, who will now have a hard time jumping to a relegation spot. The relegation places have left FC Coburg II, who won surprisingly with 3:0 at TV Ebern. The relegation of TSV Bad Rodach is now also mathematically sealed, who lost to TSV Staffelstein with 1:2 despite a self-sacrificing fight.

Coburg Locals –
VfB Einberg 1:1 (0:0)
From the beginning, a game with open sights developed in summery temperatures, both teams played forward and wanted three points. Both the Locals and the Einberger had good chances, but the conclusions were too harmless in each case or the keeper was on the spot.
In the second half, the teams tightened the pace again. Midway through the second period was Locals-Goalgetter Alexander Sapov on the spot, who headed in a cross from Carsten Wank to 1:0. When the hosts were already getting ready to cheer, the Einberger struck in the 90th minute. Minute yet to. A disputed from the point of view of the hosts penalty Kevin Skiba converted ice-cold and secured his “Rothosen” still a point. aj

SV Grossgarnstadt –
SC Sylvia Ebersdorf 2:2 (1:0)
The Grobgarnstadter showed in front of 250 spectators against the favored Sylvianer a passionate game. The hosts deservedly took the lead through David Schmitt in the 10th minute. Minute with 1-0 in front. The Ebersdorfer were field superior, but acted in the front third of the game relatively harmless. This gave SVG again and again good counter-attacking opportunities, but they were not clever enough played out. Ten minutes after the restart the equalizer was scored by substitute Fatih Celik. In the 69th minute. In the second minute, Andre Carl was brought down in the Ebersdorf penalty area, and without hesitation the referee pointed to the penalty spot. Tobias Hubner did not miss the chance and converted the penalty kick for the 2-1 lead of SV Grobgarnstadt. The guests responded like a top team and equalized just two minutes later – again it was Fatih Celik. In the final minutes, the game waved back and forth, but neither team managed to get dangerously in front of the goal again. So it remained at the leistungsgerechten draw. cz

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Young press in berlin

How does the interaction of media and politics work in the capital city? This is what 16-year-old Jan Hergeth, who attends the Kaiser-Heinrich-Gymnasium in Bamberg, was able to experience in Berlin over the past few days. “The youth press days of the SPD parliamentary group are a great opportunity to see how news is made and how the media report on politics, was pleased the Bundestag delegate Andreas black over it to be able to give a pupil from its constituency Bamberg Forchheim the opportunity for this exciting stay.

Many impressions gathered

With the varied program the young participants receive both a view of the work of journalists as well as the press office and into the work everyday life of the delegates of the German Bundestag. In addition to participating in a press conference with Andrea Nahles, leader of the SPD parliamentary group in the Bundestag, the schedule included a discussion with journalists from the capital and a visit to a plenary session of the German Bundestag. “During my three days here, I experienced a lot of background on how everyday life in the German Bundestag works. We learned about the criteria for interviews or how to get involved in politics as a young person. I also found the discussion with members of parliament on the topic of ‘The open society in difficult times’ very interesting. It was just a great experience”, so the pupil in the message of the office of deputy Andreas Schwarz.

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Bezirksliga oberfranken: u13 of the rvc steinwiesen does well

Bezirksliga Oberfranken: U13 of the RVC Steinwiesen does well

After a newly formed U13 youth cycling team of the cycling club Concordia (RVC) Steinwiesen with Hanna Schmittdorsch and Max Smettane had recently taken up the fight for points at the first match day in the district league Upper Franconia, the first home match day was now on the agenda. While there was one win and one draw at the start of the season, there was now a match-winning performance and three more points without a fight. Thus, the RVC continues to occupy the fifth place in the table in the field of seven participants.

In the first match of the day, the young cyclists showed a quite appealing performance. Although it was not enough against the third-ranked Soli Eisenbuhl to win, but the defeat with 1:2 was not only close, the RVC could also cheer a goal.

As expected, there was nothing to inherit against the sovereign and still unbeaten leader RVC Bugkunstadt (0:7). But with 4:1 Schmittdorsch and Smettane trumped against the second team of Burgkunstadt. Three more points were added without a fight, because the team from Bischberg did not show up.

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Erdogan asks turks in europe for ‘record number of votes’

Erdogan asks Turks in Europe for 'record number of votes'

Just over a month before elections in Turkey, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has asked Turks abroad for mass support.

“Are you ready to give an Ottoman slap in the face to terrorist organizations and their local and foreign stooges?” Erdogan told thousands of cheering Turks abroad in Sarajevo, Bosnia. “Are you ready to support me with a record number of votes in the presidential election?”In the presidential and parliamentary elections on 24. June is about a decision “for the next century of our country”, he said.

According to the Union of Turkish-European Democrats (UETD), more than 10,000 Turks from abroad had traveled to Sarajevo, about half of them from Germany. The UETD had organized Erdogan’s only planned campaign appearance in other European countries to date. Erdogan said: “Are you ready to demonstrate the strength of European Turks to the whole world??He called on Turks abroad to “give an answer from Germany, Belgium, Austria, the Netherlands that can be heard all over Europe”.”

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Franconian switzerland: fire brigades prevent inferno of flames

Franconian Switzerland: Fire brigades prevent inferno of flames

A large contingent of over 200 firefighters from 15 fire departments from Pegnitz in the district Bayreuth to Thuisbrunn in the district Forchheim as well as further task forces of the technical welfare organization (THW) Kirchehrenbach, the Malteser emergency service Waischenfeld and farmers from the market Goessweinstein prevented on early Tuesday evening a flame inferno with the Goessweinsteiner local part Moschendorf, when there a Miscanthus field (Chinaschilf) caught fire and burned shortly after ablaze. The flames threatened with the surface fire on adjacent fields and forests to overreach. This could be prevented according to employment leader, the Gobweinsteiner fire-brigade commander Marcel purpose, only by the fast intervention of the fire-brigades and the farmers with enormous liquid manure barrels full fire-fighting water. According to report of the police inspection Ebermannstadt an attentive walker had communicated on Tuesday evening the fire in the approximately 600 square meter large elephant grass field. In addition to numerous other water-carrying fire engines – among others from Pegnitz, Pottenstein and Ebermannstadt – even the turntable ladder from Waischenfeld and the fire department Kirchenbirkig with its drone were requested to observe the source of the fire above Behringersmuhle from the air.

Emergency call in the municipal council meeting

Quite importantly and crucially for the firefighting was however the fast acting of local councillor Josef Neuner (BMG), when during the current market municipality meeting in the “house of the guest” in Goessweinstein on the radio message receiver of mayor Hanngorg Zimmermann (BMG) the emergency call with the wording “large open space fire with Moschendorf” came in. Mayor Zimmermann interrupted the ongoing budget discussion for ten minutes and Neuner immediately called his sons in Etzdorf, who then came with two tractors with an 8000 and a 16.000 liters of water holding liquid manure barrel on the way to Moschendorf made. This was a huge stroke of luck, as the initially arriving tank fire engines – from Gobweinstein, Kleingesee and Ebermannstadt, among others – would not have brought in these quantities of extinguishing water. From a hydrant in Moschendorf from several fire departments – among other things the fire department Tuchersfeld – a hose distance up the mountain was built up, but this extinguishing water would have been hardly sufficient, in order to bring the fire so fast and effectively under control. During the market town council meeting it was exactly 19.3 p.m., when the emergency call from the operations center arrived on Mayor Zimmermann’s radio message receiver. As the farmer from Moschendorf, who owns the field with the harvestable Chinese reed, which is also called elephant grass, reported a little later, he was informed that there was a fire in his field. He immediately drove up the mountain with his motorcycle and a hand-held fire extinguisher, but had no chance to extinguish the fire. He then immediately called the fire department emergency number 112. Initially, only the base fire department Gobweinstein and surrounding smaller fire departments such as Behringersmuhle or Unterailsfeld were alerted. Gobweinsteins commander Marcel purpose acted however immediately after arrival and released a large-scale alarm, which had as consequence that gradually 15 fire-brigades – from upper and Unterailsfeld, Behringersmuhle, Gobweinstein, Muggendorf, Pottenstein, Waischenfeld, Pegnitz, Ebermannstadt, Kirchenbirkig, Kersbach, Tuchersfeld, Kleingesee and Thuisbrunn – arrived. “Only through this massive deployment of firefighters and with the help of the farmers with the liquid manure barrels was it possible to bring this wildfire under control so quickly and prevent much worse.”, said Purpose. The farmer sees it exactly the same way and thanks all emergency forces for this quick assistance. Inexplicable is for him, how it could come at all to this fire. The damage caused is about 1000 euros, according to the police report. The police Ebermannstadt took up the investigation to the fire cause and asks the population for references. Nobody was injured in this wildfire. Against 20..At 45 o’clock Marcel Zweck gave the all-clear: fire extinguished. One by one the individual fire departments could leave again.

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Olympiad is to bring fire department new generation

Olympiad is to bring fire department new generation

This year marks 125 years since the volunteer fire department was founded in the Langensendelbach district of Brauningshof. For their anniversary, the people of Brauningshofn took the opportunity to host the annual district fire brigade day. This included the Youth Olympics, where the firefighter trainees competed in a total of ten stations and a “Joker exercise” were able to demonstrate their skill in using the firefighting equipment.

140 young people between the ages of twelve and 18 had signed up for it. They came from 19 of the 126 county fire departments and the one plant fire department in the county. The young firefighters competed in target spraying, rolling out a hose and tying rescue knots.

The two groups of the youth fire brigade from Langensendelbach, which took first and third place, finally came out on top this year. The young firefighters from Russelbach took second and fourth place in the competition. These first four teams may compete in the district decision on 13. October in Burgebrach to hold up the flags of the district of Forchheim.

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Ebern – pfarrweisach: duel of the self-confident basement children

Ebern - Pfarrweisach: Duel of the self-confident basement children

The second double matchday of the Kreisliga Coburg is coming up next weekend, only the early game of the 8. Matchday between Grobgarnstadt and Heilgersdorf (5:2) has already been played.

A series of interesting encounters is on the program on Friday and Sunday. The current league leader SV Ketschendorf, for example, has difficult tasks ahead of it with the guest game at TSV Staffelstein and the home game against the strong promoted team SV Turkgucu Neustadt. Among other things, a chance for the third-placed VfB Einberg, who play twice at home (against Wustenahorn and SV Bosporus).

An unexpected basement duel on Friday with the game TV Ebern vs. TSV Pfarrweisach. However, both teams were able to score their first points of the season with a win last weekend and now naturally want to follow suit. The Tageblatt asked Ebern coach Jens Kapell before the important match. Mr. Kapell, after six defeats in a row, Ebern finally managed its first win on Sunday. Your team won 6:1 against Wustenahorn. How did this come about?

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