445 Cyclists die after accidents on german roads

445 cyclists die after accidents on German roads

Lost control of electric bike or overlooked by a motorist while turning: 445 men and women suffered fatal injuries in an accident with their bike in 2019.

Although this is the same number as in 2018, it is 16.8 percent more than in 2010, according to the Federal Statistical Office in Wiesbaden. Experts fear that the number of bicycle accidents could rise again as a result of the Corona crisis.

“My fear is rather that it will get worse,” Siegfried Brockmann, head of accident research for insurers at the German Insurance Association, told Deutsche Presse-Agentur. Things would have changed in the Corona crisis, and probably to the detriment of cyclists. Many people have switched from public transport to bicycles. “The pedelec is the decisive issue among seniors.”They could participate in the mobility sector again through electronic assistance, but the speed must also be linked to the strength of the drivers, he said. “If we say it’s a bicycle, it has to behave like a bicycle.”There are technical possibilities for this.

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Cantata concert on the schwanberg

Cantata concert on the Schwanberg

In the movie “Sister Act Whoopi Goldberg, as Sister Mary Clarence, formed a choir from a clueless band of nuns, whose performances brought the audience to its feet. The Mary Clarence who works on the Schwanberg these days is called Christel Huttner, is a church music director in real life and lives in Dettelbach. In just four days, she formed the ‘Schwanberg’ project choir from a few sisters and about 50 singers from all over Germany, all of them amateurs.

On Saturday evening, at 19.30 o’clock, she performs in the St. Michaels church on the Schwanberg the Bach cantata “Stay with us, because it will be evening” at. The choir will be supported by the soprano Helen Rohrbach, the couter tenor Christian Rohrbach, the tenor Johannes Straub and the bass Peter Buss-Huttner as well as the orchestra of the Musikhochschule Wurzburg. Admission is free.

From amateurs comes a choir

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Zschape defense lawyer accuses bka investigators of dilettantism

Zschape defense lawyer accuses BKA investigators of dilettantism

One of Beate Zschape’s defense attorneys sharply criticized two investigators from the Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA) in the NSU trial in Munich, accusing them of “dilettantism”. In the process, attorney Wolfgang Stahl also engaged in vociferous exchanges with presiding judge Manfred Gotzl.

Gotzl accused the defense lawyer of asking the investigators leading questions, which the lawyer indignantly rejected. The two BKA officers had testified in court about how they interrogated a Zwickau cab driver shortly after the “National Socialist Underground” was busted in November 2011. He had told them he had taken Zschape to the train station six months earlier.

Stahl then criticized the two police officers for not putting their interrogation in writing until weeks later and also for “not openly” questioning their witness: “One wonders whether the result had not already been determined beforehand.”

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Breakfast: mir kenned alles, oder ned?

Breakfast: Mir kenned alles, oder ned?

I thought I had made it. Thought my years of effort had paid off. Thought I was slowly integrated. Yes, I even thought I understand my fellow men by now. Wrong.

For four years now I’ve been living in Bavaria, sorry Franconia. 1460 days ago I turned my back on my Swabian homeland. 35040 hours I survive now already (almost) without Maultaschen and Kasspatzle.

Oh, I’ve tried so many things. Looked for new friends, who can roll the “R. Traded beer for wine and even squeezed into a dirndl – even if only for Oktoberfest. Is all this supposed to have been of no use?

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New iphones in a double pack: colorful, fast and with a super camera

New iPhones in a double pack: Colorful, fast and with a super camera

And that quickly becomes noticeable in the practical use of the iPhone 5s and also the entry-level model 5c.

Among Apple’s innovations, two things stand out. First, the team around chief designer Jony Ive has decisively improved the camera function. In addition, there is a fingerprint reader under the home button of the iPhone 5s, with which Apple wants to enable users to more conveniently protect their data on the smartphone.

In the iPhone 5s, the built-in iSight camera now achieves a larger aperture of f/2.2, which allows the smartphone to take impressively good photos even in the evening in the living room by candlelight. In low light without the flash on, the iPhone 5s takes four pictures in a row and merges them into one motif. With this night mode, you don’t have to wait several seconds for the result, as with the Samsung S4, but can continue snapping immediately.

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Scotland’s chief expert resigns over corona editions

Scotland's chief expert resigns over Corona editions

The Scottish government’s top health official, Catherine Calderwood, has resigned after breaches of her own exit restrictions in the Corona crisis.

After their misconduct had met with great indignation in Great Britain, Calderwood drew the consequences late on Sunday evening.

The expert admitted to having gone to her family’s country home on two consecutive weekends. Earlier, the newspaper “Scottish Sun” had published photos of the expert from a popular destination on the coast. “I didn’t follow the advice I gave to others,” Calderwood said at a news conference. “I am very sorry.”

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This is what the new kulmbach looks like

This is what the new Kulmbach looks like

That’s it for the old Muller malthouse: the demolition excavator will soon be moving in on the historic brick building that is so characteristic of the cityscape. Yesterday, the city council gave the green light for the mega project of the Rosenheim investor Drosel, who wants to build a complex with 157 residential units – 120 for students, 37 for senior citizens – in Pestalozzistrasse. Also our commentary.

After a short debate, OB Henry Schramm, CSU, SPD, WGK and Greens agreed on Thursday in rare unanimity that the malt house is not worth preserving. Only one was against: Thomas Nagel from the FDP. Over its motives one learned however nothing.

Concentration camp ovens for Auschwitz

The only remaining part of the building is the tower, which will be gutted and used as a staircase. It would have been difficult to preserve the seven-story brick building in neo-Gothic style, which is a listed building. It was built in 1910 according to plans by J. A. pot& The company built the crematoria and concentration camp ovens for Auschwitz and other extermination camps.

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Christmas in a shoebox” campaign starts again

Christmas in a shoebox' campaign starts again

So this is what angels look like nowadays: Quite unspectacular, without wings and halo, but with a smile that warms your soul. Renate Strung and Maria Fast are such angels. Christmas angel. They are a crucial part of an international aid project that really brings Christmas to where it was some 2,000 years ago: to poor dwellings, to people who have nothing, who have often lost even the hope of a glimmer of light.

Action goes to twelve target countries

Children from two to fourteen years of age are the target group of the “Christmas in a Shoebox” campaign. They live in Bulgaria, Georgia, Mongolia, Kosovo, Belarus and many other countries of the former Eastern Bloc as well as in the West Bank. Around half a million children from Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein and South Tyrol were given Christmas presents in this way last year. So many packages have been dropped off by compassionate individuals at collection points like Renate Strung’s.

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Light-hearted listening pleasure in kronach

Light-hearted listening pleasure in Kronach

The name of the ensemble was inspired by the Latin word spirare (to breathe, to breathe, to live). The quartet consists of four musicians who are active in the Kronach, Coburg and Bamberg area in a variety of artistic and pedagogical ways. They are united by the joy of making music together as well as the desire to rediscover rather seldom played works.

On the program of the Kronach concert are extremely rarely played original compositions, where the sound color variety of the different woodwind instruments comes to full development both in contrast and in the fusion with the piano. So the concert promises surprisingly fresh listening experiences.

The three-talk – cheerful and lively in the melody – by Johann Valentin Hamm lets you feel the charm of the so-called spa music. In addition to his work in the Wurzburg theater orchestra, Hamm was concertmaster of the Kissingen spa orchestra since 1855. In this position he composed many works for the spa music, which should have a therapeutic effect on the psyche of the sick people.

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“The 3” like the fun with the audience

Because at first the band was called “Nimm 3” – so similar to the well known candy “Take 2. And that did not please the confectionery company Storck. Storck has acquired all rights to the term “Nimm” secured in connection with a number and did not find the band name at all funny: The three musicians received mail from the concern.

Charge over 200.000 Marks

“I had thought in the first moment, they like our name and invite us”, remembers Matthias Than. But far from it: Each of the musicians received a charge because of the band name over 200.000 D-Mark.
Obviously over the Internet operational readiness level the company on the Kulmbacher had become attentive, is Volker Matysiak in the meantime convinced. After contacting the company’s lawyer, an agreement was found: Each musician paid 1000 marks, and the name of the band was also changed. “The 3” were born. That was 2002.

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