Porsche boss blume continues to focus on classic car buyers

Porsche boss Blume continues to focus on classic car buyers

“In the future, too, we assume that people will want to own a Porsche themselves,” the sports car maker’s CEO told the German Press Agency.

Particularly in cities one could observe that younger people did not necessarily have the urge to own a vehicle. “But the young people are also getting older, and then their attitude could well change,” said Blume.

The carmaker celebrates the anniversary “70 years of Porsche sports cars” this Friday. On 8. In June 1948, the very first Porsche, the 356 Nr. 1 Roadster, its operating license.

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Folk music made in franconia

Folk music made in Franconia

In addition to well-known artists from television, the Ellertaler Kulturherbst also always focuses on something new and hit the mark with the guest performance by Gankino Circus, a Franconian folk band from western Middle Franconia.
Wolfgang Heyder as responsible person of the organizing SPD Kultur AG prophesied a “wild show” at the greeting and was right. That in the Reh hall the enthusiastic spectators followed the second part of the virtuoso conception for the most part in standing and dancing, underlines the attractiveness of this aberwitzigen program. The four bards (all born in 1984), who have known each other since their school days and rose from street music to professional music, ignited a fireworks display of folk music from their homeland and from other countries, such as Finland. A Scandinavian whisperer song for cattle interpreted Maximilian Eder insanely and created a goosebump atmosphere in dimmed Nordic light.

Solo topless

After this calm Kuhstall mood followed west-middle Franconian Rock’n’Roll mark own composition and tore the guests in the wahrsten sense of the word from the seats. Since their hometown Dietenhofen is also a “percussion mecca”, we are perhaps too spoiled is transported Johannes Sens this “dreamlike condition” on the deer stage. During this solo at top speed, he undressed, drumming topless, before putting on a soccer jersey while playing with a lot of comedic talent.
A standing ovation for the quartet, which quickly sparked the audience, and the program title “Idyll und Irrsinn” (Idyll and Madness) perfectly implemented. The permanently racy music, so also at the “Sexy Kerwa”, was only interrupted by guitarist Ralf Wieland (“Lohndorf: Kaff mit tollen Buhne”), who as a storyteller from the idyllic homeland – located between Nuremberg and Ansbach – drew the red thread of the evening.
In view of the extraordinary musical performances at top speed, the evening developed from a concert character to a spectacular “circus”, played in 11/8 time analogous to the Bulgarian national dance. After the “Gankino Horo they have named themselves.
The cultural autumn continues with the Wellkuren on 24. November and twice KGB on 8. and 9. December.

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Where to run when it’s dark?

Where to run when it's dark?

Those who travel on foot are often not the first to be thought of when it comes to traffic and mobility. How safe do runners feel at dusk or in the dark, where are their favorite routes?? That’s what we wanted to find out more about at the end of this theme week.

Ralph Kroder from Mistelfeld is one of the runners we spoke to. Our encounter comes about by chance, as he is pursuing his sport on the bike path in front of the town – in broad daylight. But he can’t always make it either. The demand for more illuminated paths does not cross Kroder’s lips, however. This is, after all, not least a cost factor, and one has to ask how many benefit from it. He does not want to be selfish, he notes. “We all have a headlamp!” Many run with it at late hour even by the forest, as he knows.

Also in the Weismainer city area much and gladly one runs, we experience from Manuela Trebeck. She is an exercise instructor at the local gymnastics club and herself a passionate runner. The Baiersdorfer and Geutenreuther forests are popular, she says. But they themselves are definitely not attracted to the forest in the dark, and this has less to do with possible root traps than with a feeling of unease. “Alone and in winter I look for busier streets”, she says. She usually runs together with a friend, four or five times a week. Some sections of their usual six- to eight-kilometer loop are too dark for them, even with a headlamp in winter. Then they look for alternatives through residential areas. An illuminated path “would be cool,” she says, Trebeck finds. But also expensive. Remains still the desire for a Trimm-Dich path as Kulmbach has one. Without lighting, but with beautiful routes and stations.

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Fifa rejects game plan push by top clubs

FIFA rejects game plan push by top clubs

Earlier, Europe’s top 201 clubs presented a joint memorandum of understanding with UEFA at their general assembly in Warsaw that would see the abolition of August internationals and only double matchdays for national teams.

In addition, ECA chairman and Bayern CEO Karl-Heinz Rummenigge said that discussions with FIFA had not been satisfactory so far. FIFA countered, already on 5. A working group is to find as unanimous a solution as possible for the future schedule on March 3. However, both Rummenigge and ECA secretary general Michele Centenaro would have declined the invitation to the meeting. The representatives of the club association had also failed to appear at other meetings. “This makes it difficult to make progress in the discussions with the European clubs,” FIFA wrote.

The world federation reminded of the fact that the play calendar must be used world-wide and alone the FIFA as rule authority for it is responsible. The goal is indeed a simplification. In addition to the interests of the clubs, the interests of the national associations and the players must also be taken into account. UEFA did not initially comment on the issue when asked.

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Citizens’ petition put to the test

Citizens' petition put to the test

More than 1000 signatures have collected the supporters of an indoor swimming pool reorganization in the meantime. They must be checked, but there is little doubt that the number for the citizens’ petition “Preservation of the indoor swimming pool – swimming instead of demolition” is sufficient sufficient. The next step is the decision on the admissibility of the citizens’ petition. “The city council decides immediately, at the latest within one month after submission of the citizens’ petition, whether the admissibility requirements are met.”, it is called in addition in the statute to citizens’ petitions and citizens’ decision, which the city council updated by resolution only in the recent meeting. According to the statutes, the number of valid and invalid signatures will also be disclosed.

Signatures are sufficient

“The signatures are currently being examined”, said the managing official, Stefan Bierdimpfl, when asked. The first lists with 928 signatures have already been evaluated, 788 of them are valid, which means that the number of ten percent of the eligible voters has already been reached (630 signatures). Because however again lists were subsequently submitted, these are examined also.

Decisive question

The Munnerstadter are to answer the following question in the referendum: “Are you in favor of the city council resolution of 12.12.2018 to demolish the indoor swimming pool, is canceled and in its place, a subsidized bath renovation to initiate?” For the reason the representatives of the citizen’s petition, Alrun Lintner, Karin Mayer and Gerhard Beck, indicate that with a demolition clearly more than one million euro of public money is spent, without creating any equivalent value. “In the case of a redevelopment that was to last approx. 4.5 million euro from the Free State of Bavaria, Munnerstadt would have a fully functioning indoor swimming pool again.” And further it is called in the reason: “It would be then again the schools, associations, the population and the visitors of the city at the disposal. Munnerstadt would have an important location factor that would sustainably increase the quality of living and life for the next generations.”

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Walter bayer receives the medal of merit of the federal republic of germany

Walter Bayer receives the Medal of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany

On behalf of the Federal President, District Administrator Rudolf Handwerker (CSU) presented the certificate and the medal to 79-year-old Walter Bayer, as informed by the Habberge District Office in Habfurt. There the honor also took place.

People who not only do their job by the book, but also do more than they have to in countless small, everyday things, enrich the lives of the citizens in the district of Hassberge. One who has been doing good deeds for many years is Walter Bayer. “They enjoy an excellent reputation in Zeil. You are a popular fellow citizen who sees where help is needed”, stated the district administrator in his laudation.

For exactly 24 years – from 1984 to 2008 – Walter Bayer was at the forefront as chairman of the VdK local association in Zeil. During this time, the number of members has grown to 573. Zeil is thus the largest local association in the VdK district association Habberge. The development of the local association shows that Walter Bayer’s work was highly appreciated, said Handwerker. From Zeil he also looked after other members from the surrounding towns and communities. “You are a tireless campaigner for socially weak and needy people”, praised the district administrator the commitment of the Zeiler.

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