Population figures in the region drift apart

Population figures in the region drift apart

We are getting fewer and we are getting older. This is the basic tenor of demographic change. Aging affects everyone, but the decrease in the population is distributed quite unevenly. This is confirmed by the calculations of the State Office for Statistics published last week.

According to these, the number of inhabitants in Upper Bavaria is expected to increase by as much as 6.5 percent over the next 20 years, while Upper Franconia will bring up the rear in Bavaria and lose almost a tenth of its population (9.3 percent). But even this statement is still very sweeping. If one compares the calculations of the State Statistical Office or the forecasts of various institutes, it becomes clear that even within Upper Franconia the range is quite large.

The city of Bamberg, for example, is even predicted to have a growth potential of almost two percent by the year 2030. And a minus of three percent for the district of Bamberg is still the second best value in the administrative district. Compared to the impending population losses of, for example, 10.2 percent (entire administrative district), 10.9 percent (Bayreuth district), 16.8 percent (Kronach district) or even 20.2 percent (Wunsiedel district), this is an almost stable situation.

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Weisbrunn horticultural association appoints new leadership team

Weisbrunn horticultural association appoints new leadership team

Sabine Weinbeer The fruit and horticulture association Weisbrunn accomplished the generation change. At the annual meeting in the Eltmann district, numerous new volunteers were found after some long-serving board members announced they would no longer be available, including chairman Gerhard Pfuhlmann. Beside the new election there were the reports.

Mayor thanked

Pfuhlmann was pleased about the lively interest in the annual meeting in the youth center. Mayor Michael Ziegler and the Weisbrunn town councillors also took part in the event. Pfuhlmann thanked all the volunteers who had been involved in the fruit and gardening association during the year and handed out small thank-you gifts.

Also the first mayor joined the thanks, because the fruit and horticulture association Weisbrunn had set many accents in the place and the meadow. Many green areas or plantings and the cemetery are maintained by club members and, last but not least, many members are closely involved in the village renewal planning and thus in the redesign of Weisbrunn. The mayor thanked the association for passing on important knowledge to future generations through tree pruning courses and activities with kindergarten children.

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Beautiful weibenstadter see – walking and swimming in the heart of the fichtelgebirge mountains

Beautiful Weibenstadter See - walking and swimming in the heart of the Fichtelgebirge mountains

The Weibenstadter See is an artificially built reservoir west of Weibenstadt and is located between the Schneeberg (highest mountain in the Fichtelgebirge) and the Grober Waldstein (highest elevation of the Waldstein range).

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Enjoying the Weibenstadter See

Visitors can relax and unwind at the Weibenstadter See lake. Because the 4-kilometer-long riverside path is very suitable for leisurely walks with a beautiful natural atmosphere.

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When the driver’s cab shakes

When the driver's cab shakes

“They are both super collaborators, but they can’t work together.” This is what the dispatcher of a forwarding agency attested to his employees. The second part of the statement proved to be true when more than just fists flew during a tense confrontation on the company premises. Now the younger one was sitting in front of the Kitzingen district court. The charge of assault was dropped. However, under the condition that he pays his unloved colleague 2,000 euros in compensation for pain and suffering and pays the costs of the proceedings.

All parties involved agreed on this way without a verdict after an interrupted hearing and an on-site visit, during which the court inspected the scene of the truck accident. However, this did not bring too much clarity into the contradictory versions of the opponents either. Just as little as the statements of a witness, who had apologized with the words to all involved: “I’m sorry, I have no idea.” After all, according to their testimony, it was clear that the two drivers in the truck had an altercation. “The driver’s cab was shaking violently”, said the woman who was filling up her tank next door. Then two men would have rolled on the ground and hit each other until one disappeared and one drove the truck away.

On-site meeting brought nothing

Who in the end had what share, who hit, why and how many times, who ran away and who drove, fell under the category of no idea. It was of no use that the judge had ordered an on-site visit. In view of the uncertain evidence and after a legal discussion with all parties involved, the proposal to end the case with the discontinuation and the payment of damages for pain and suffering. If the conditions are fulfilled within six months, the matter is finally off the table and the two can continue to prove themselves as super employees, even if they can’t talk to each other.

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Despite billions for eeg apportionment the price of electricity remains high

Despite billions for EEG apportionment the price of electricity remains high

The billions of euros that the federal government is using to stop a sharp rise in the eco-electricity surcharge will have only a limited effect on the price of electricity in Germany.

A noticeable relief of the consumers is not in sight. At the turn of the year, some suppliers have announced price reductions, but others want to increase their tariffs. First evaluations of the Internet comparison portals Verivox and Check24 resulted in that.

According to Verivox, 45 basic suppliers have so far announced price reductions averaging 1.8 percent. For a family with an annual consumption of 4000 kilowatt hours, this would mean a relief of 24 euros. At the same time 42 basic suppliers would have communicated price increases of on the average 2.4 per cent, which corresponded to additional costs of 31 euro.

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Japan hunts whales commercially again

Japan hunts whales commercially again

For many whales off the coasts of Japan, the last hour will soon have struck. While the high-tech country was presenting itself as the host of the G20 summit in Osaka this Friday and Saturday, its whalers were making final preparations for the big hunt in the far north of the country.

This Monday (1. July) when Japan’s withdrawal from the International Whaling Commission (IWC) formally took effect, they planned to set sail from the port of Kushiro with flags flying.

Although Japan has already killed hundreds of whales every year – according to official accounts for “scientific purposes,” which is permitted despite the moratorium in place since 1986. But now, for the first time in three decades, the world’s third-largest economy is starting to hunt marine mammals commercially again. There may be still so much criticism from all over the world.

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“Wolves” force fc kronach to their knees

SV W/Neuengrun honored deserving players at its sports festival and said goodbye to some footballers who have served for many years. After the short tournament with four teams, chairman Markus Schutz and his deputy Ralf Betz were able to present the awards. Pavel Straka played 500 games in the jersey of the “Wolves” look back.

Marco Wurm, Peter Kroupar and Tobias Klug received awards for 250 games played. Daniel Jakobi was able to receive the goal scorer’s crown. He scored 20 goals for the Wolves last season.
After the end of their active soccer careers, Stefan Gareis (767 games), Udo Schmidt (575), Roland Schmidt (371) and Bernd Schmidt (330) were sent off with gifts. The two chairmen described Gerhard Blumenrother, who has been a treasurer on the club board for 35 years, as a role model.

In addition to games of the D-juniors and a tournament of the F- and E-juniors, SV Meierhof/Sorg and SG Nordhalben met in a friendly match. SG Nordhalben prevailed with 6:3. In another match, the local SV did not give their neighbors FCR Geroldsgrun a chance and defeated them 7:1.
In a short tournament won the SG Nordhalben before last year’s winner TSV Bad Steben. SV Dobra came in third, ahead of TSV Naila.

Main game

SV W/Neuengrun – FC Kronach 2:1 (1:1)
The Kronach team took command immediately after the kickoff and pushed the hosts back into their own half. After about 20 minutes the “wolves” arrived better into the game and completed a beautiful attack to 1-0 by Jakobi. FC Kronach was not impressed by this and equalized shortly before the change after a positional error of the home defense by Johannes Engelhardt. In the second half, the spectators saw a lively game in which both teams had good opportunities. The winning goal for the “Wolves Daniel Jakobi, who together with Andreas Lippert had outwitted the opponent’s defense and after a double pass with Lippert only had to push in the ball.

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Shooters choose the 50. King

Shooters choose the 50. King

The Wannigtal shooting club enthroned its new dignitaries with a hearty celebration. As in the past years, Winfried Bieber provided the best musical entertainment. And because the 50. When the club, which was founded in 1965, celebrated its first king’s day, a jubilee target was shot to mark the occasion. Here only one shot was possible and Julian Saal secured the richly decorated target with a 191.7-piece score.

The title of shooting champion, however, went to Markus Bauer with a 30-piece score. He is joined as knights by Martina Krug (92.6) and Rene Klenner (102.5). The dignity of the Youth King was secured by Benjamin Kehl with a 303.9-piece score, ahead of Elaio Simsa (436.3) and Lucas Helmerich (515.0).

The archers determine the “Robin Hood as their best. In this discipline Thomas Weigand defended his title from the previous year. The ranks two and three occupied as “Little John” Marco Kehl and as “Brother Tuck Manfred Stenke. In the youth competition, Moritz Kehl decided this one in his favor. Ferdinand Gotz and Maike Scheuplein followed in the other places.

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Match winner elias burdack

2. Bezirksliga Ost Men

SC Heuchelhof Wurzburg II – TV Poppenlauer 3:9 (16:31 sets).
The newly crowned champion of the 2. Bezirksliga Ost was a guest at SC Heuchelhof Wurzburg II and could play without any pressure. Without any problems the first two doubles were won by Ulrich Haack/Guido Hochrein and Manuel Roth/Andre Hein. The last match was decided in the fifth set for the hosts. In the first round of singles Ulrich Haack and Manuel Roth won 3:1. Andre Heim was clearly beaten by Peter Koch 3:0. But the early champion did not let himself be put off track by this defeat and decided all duels except one (Ulrich Haack against Rainer Ziegler) for himself.

District League East Boys

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Barbara voll takes up position as parish priest

Barbara Voll takes up position as parish priest

It runs without a time limit. “That’s the beauty of it”, said pastor Edwin Ziegler about the new occupation of the position.

After studying religious education at the University of Applied Sciences in Eichstatt, the Schweinfurt native began her pastoral ministry with a two-year assistantship in the parish community “Um den Findelberg” (Hall a. d. Saale) started. Barbara Voll then spent nine years in the parish community of Heidenfeld-Hirschfeld-Rothlein, with the last three years being “very formative The parish community did not have a parish priest because of the many different areas of responsibility. As a parish assistant in Garitz, Albertshausen and Poppenroth, she is responsible for communion catechesis, for accompanying altar servers, for religious education, for church services and for funeral ceremonies, among other things, “and wherever I am called, I am there. B. in kindergartens”. She sees the professional change to Garitz as a challenge she is looking forward to: “Change is an enrichment of life.”

As part of her presentation, the 34-year-old gave an insight into her pastoral work, which is based on the motto “You set my feet on wide open spaces ….” (Psalm 18) founds. A place without a church is “unimaginable for her, because a church offers space for an encounter with God”. But the church is always more than a building, because it lives through the profession of faith of the people who gather there. The church as a community of faith is a community that is changing, that is on the way “and I want to accompany and promote this path. She wants to direct her special attention to the children and young people and see the elders in their deep-rooted faith as role models.

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