Furth stark outsiders in cup premiere

Furth stark outsiders in cup premiere

The Franconians now face a superiority of clubs that have a combined total of 20 cup victories. When national player Kim Kulig draws the lots for the semifinals on Saturday in ZDF’s Aktuelles Sportstudio on 20. and 21. In the second round, three of the four current Bundesliga top teams await the underdogs: record winners Bayern Munich (2-0 at VfB Stuttgart), Borussia Monchengladbach (2-0 after extra time at Hertha BSC) and champions Borussia Dortmund (4-0 at regional league team Holstein Kiel).

Furth coach Mike Buskens struggled to keep his composure after the 1-0 win at Sinsheim. “I said to the boys before the game: Play the game of your life. This is what they did. The way they took this game, the passion they showed, makes me incredibly proud,” said the 43-year-old head coach. “For Furth, this is something historic.” On the way to the final of Berlin on 12. May comes the “game of our lives” for him.

For Hoffenheim coach Holger Stanislawski the defeat against the second division outsider had the feared consequences. The day after the 0:1 in the quarterfinals, Bundesliga club parted ways with its coach. The long-time coach of FC St. Pauli has only been in charge of the footballers from Kraichgau since the beginning of this season.

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Tv marktsteft pulls past hsg volkach

TV Marktsteft pulls past HSG Volkach

The top game of this match day took place in Marktsteft. The TVM, third in the table, welcomed the surprise team from Volkach, which after a very good start to the season had so far found itself in second place in the table. Both coaches expected an even game – and they should be right.
At least until the 45. Minute. The home side got off to a better start and quickly took a 3:0 lead. The HSG needed a few minutes to find their way into the game and was able to make up the deficit in the following period and equalized for the first time at 7:7. After that it went back and forth and the lead changed constantly. Both teams had again and again an answer ready and thus it went with a deserved draw into the cabins. After the change both teams continued where they had left off in the first half. Both sides continued to fight doggedly and neutralized each other. The question was which team would keep up the high tempo longer. The answer came midway through the second period. Until 18:18 the game was completely open, but suddenly and unexpectedly the game of the guests suffered a break and they didn’t manage much anymore.
The forces let up and the TV Marktsteft used this impressively. With a consistent defensive performance and safe finishes in attack provided within a few minutes with nine goals in a row for the decision. In the end they deservedly left the hall as winners and took over the second place in the table. “We were missing some players in preparation for this game. It is all the more pleasing that we were able to show our potential, especially in the second half, and win this game. We still have some tough games ahead of us and are pleased with the cushion of points we have collected so far.”, analyzed a satisfied coach Andreas Vielweber after the game.

Satisfied so far

His counterpart Matthias Lauer was realistic: “It is no surprise that Marktsteft won the game. We wanted to sell ourselves as expensive as possible, we succeeded very well for 45 minutes. Unfortunately we had then a break in the game and wanted to only with the head through the wall. Nevertheless, we are more than satisfied with the season so far and will continue to work with concentration.

Marktsteft: Johannes Ullrich, Felix Lang – Florian Lang 5, Michael Bayer 3/1, Dennis Schmidt 1, Dominik Orf 4, Dominik Thorwarth 3, Daniel Irmler 1, Stefan Bayer, Florian Irmler 7/3, Kevin Pfeiler 2, Thomas Heim 1;

Volkach: Sebastian Gursching, Johannes Vietz – Andre Brezina 1, Tim Fertig, Jens Fieseler, Thorsten Klinger 3/2, Martin Vogel 2, Taylor Vollhals 3, Tobias Herrling 6/1, Michael Kimmel, Christian Vogel, Wolfgang Hornich, Sebastian Kimmel 4, Sebastian Seitzer 1.

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The cooks invite you to dinner and the ball

The cooks invite you to dinner and the ball

100 years of the Regentenbau – This was the focus of the “Bad Kissinger October Gala 2013”, which is traditionally hosted by the Kissingen cooks’ association. The title is not only associated with the art of architecture in Bad Kissingen, when cooks organize such an event, it is of course also about the art of cooking. The OMB Big Band has been engaged to play for the guests of the evening, so that this art does not affect their hips so much.
The traditional ball of the Kissinger cooks is held for over 60 years “in the good room of Bad Kissingen” (Regency Building), Erich Matejsek told the nearly 300 guests. After having moved to the Wandelhalle in recent years, the 100th anniversary of the Regentenbau was used as an occasion to return to the Max Littmann Hall.

Prepared and decorated

And the hard-working helpers of the association, in cooperation with the team of the Kurgarten-Cafe, had prepared and decorated the hall for the festive evening. The festively decorated tables conjured admiring astonishment on the faces of the loyal guests, below them also Lord Mayor Kay Blankenburg (SPD) and spa director Frank Oette. The history of the building came alive with the Historical Personalities from the Rakoczy Festival: Prince Regent Luitpold, King Ludwig III. and Professor Max Littmann as the architect of the building.
The historical personalities honored the importance of the Kissingen cooks as culinary ambassadors far beyond the city limits and as guarantors for an “enjoyable evening”. The Kissingen chefs then redeemed these advance praises already with the appetizer: Mousse of smoked salmon and trout with cucumber textures, preserves of the Barbarie duck in gelled Schlottensud and pickled saddle of suckling pig with marinated mushrooms.
After a few rounds of dancing and the sale of tickets for the sumptuous raffle, the opened the buffet, which was served in the “White Hall” was set up. The active members of the chef’s association were ready to fill the plates or to answer interested questions in their white professional clothing. Applause of the guests.

Acrobatics on the vertical cloth

The artistic interlude of Maike Moerschen at the “Vertikaltuch” provided a breather in the dance round, which was stretched over the dance floor and with which the young woman presented top performances at a height of ten meters. Also present that evening was Marion Stein, a caricaturist and quick painter. She drew the guests with a few skilful strokes. Midnight highlight and surprise: the “dessert from the buffet”, that with Bengal fire into the “white hall” attracted. Here, too, we moved away from the usual: instead of the ice cream buffet, there were variations of iced souffles and creams, as well as delicious chocolates and a chocolate fountain with fresh fruit.
The conclusion of Erich Matejsek (and many guests): “A wonderful evening, which fulfilled all culinary and dancing expectations!”

Culinary superlatives

The planning of the gala evening was in the hands of Johannes Werner, who was assisted by Michael Seufert and Wolfgang Hammelmann. And this already for many years. Although one can access the logistics of the Kurgarten-Cafe and also the Heiligenfeld clinics prove to be generous sponsors, the human being is still the decisive factor in the preparations.
That is: The meals are prepared in the kitchens of the Luitpoldkliniken, to the Regentenbau transported, there again arranged and served and/or. presented at the buffet. In addition, dozens of thermophores for “saddle of veal tender pink roasted in walnut coat” or “Allerlei vom Saaletal-Lamm” with green beans or “Arctic cod with leaf spinach” necessary.
In addition, many plates were prepared for the “finger food” presented in the foyer as well as hundreds of jars for the souffles and creams. In addition, appetizer plates, plates for the main course and dessert were needed. Mind you: everything has to be brought, provided, cleared away and cleaned up again. Not to be forgotten are the cutlery and the glasses – for which the Kurgarten Cafe has taken care in the meantime, because the personnel resources of the Kissingen cooks are not sufficient for this.
According to Erich Matejsek, in 2013 15 people sacrificed their free time for this evening, and another 30 people were employed in service, according to Jochen Weh ner, who is responsible for the Kurgarten Cafe. These are fewer than in previous years, regrets Erich Matejsek, and also with the trainees one encounters smaller resonance “where they would see nevertheless times something, what in the gastronomic enterprises in this extent is no longer made.”

Arrived at limits

Everything has to be tightly organized to ensure that everything works out: Since Tuesday afternoon, the helpers have been on their feet to prepare everything that was. On Saturday it went on from 8 o’clock in the morning until Sunday in the early morning hours. “The time required reaches limits that we as an association can almost no longer shoulder”, said Matejsek looking back. “But on the other hand we feel connected to the tradition of the ball of the Kissinger cooks.” How to continue? A shrug of the shoulders is the answer.

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Parish festival and excursion

Two church services are planned with the participation of the church choir and the church band “Mini-Flauto-Rondo”, A cozy wine evening in the youth center “Villa (from 8 p.m.) and a guided tour of the church. The Altenkunstadter Sanktgeorgspfadfinder will ensure with handicrafts that also the young visitors will not be bored. The members of the parish council, headed by chairwoman Anni Guckel, have made extensive preparations for the feast. Offers for young and old should let the faithful feel: “We all belong together”!” The program begins on Saturday at 19 o’clock with an evening service in the parish church “Maria Geburt” with the participation of the church choir.

The festival Sunday begins at 10 o’clock with a family service. Starting at 11 a.m., helpers serve food on the grounds of the “Villa” Soup and small cold dishes. Coffee and cake in the afternoon. Those who want can climb the 52 meter high church tower. Church tours are scheduled for 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. Thomas Geldner will inform about the history of the church, which was inaugurated in 1537. The members of the parish council and volunteers will meet tomorrow at 9 a.m. in the “Villa” to the construction work.

Senior trip to Lower Franconia

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Step by step to the big goal

Step by step to the big goal

The most unusual gastronomic project in the city continues to take shape. Although the beer garden at the former hospital building at the city tower was already inaugurated in August last year, the Riemer brothers were far from finished at that time. Harald, Ralf and Joachim had bought the run-down building from the city in 2013.
Since then, they have been rebuilding it mainly under their own steam. A project of the heart, because all of them also have a job. The gastronomic use serves to bring some life into the house again.

From the outside, not much has changed in the past few months, the most noticeable change is the new lettering on the front side facing the Lauter River. “Wohlauf, the air goes fresh and pure”, Since the end of April, there has been – from the Frankenlied by Joseph Victor von Scheffel. It is the best-known part of this song by the poet whose legacy was kept in the house around 1900. “At that time it was a kind of “museum”, says Harald Riemer. On the side now also the lettering “Spitalhaus” appears at. This has already led to many inquiries from visitors to the beer garden, he says. But the building was never a hospital in the sense of a hospital, he says. Single people could move into the “Spitalstiftung” here with their real estate – and then lived like in a kind of retirement home.

This is how the opening was about a year ago

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Investigators search ubs bank offices in germany

Investigators search UBS Bank offices in Germany

In the investigation of tax evasion against customers of the bank, the business premises of ten German branches were searched, said Bernd Bieniobek, senior public prosecutor in Bochum, confirming an online report of the “Wallstreet Journal Deutschland”.

Investigators from the main public prosecutor’s office for white-collar crime are looking for business documents from which further findings and evidence of tax evasion by accused customers from Germany can be obtained, they said.

Numerous UBS bank clients have been targeted by authorities since late 2012. Based on data from a tax CD purchased by the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, investigations have been underway ever since. In about 750 cases, customers are accused of not having declared income from taxable foundation constructions, according to the senior public prosecutor.

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Get recipes in time

Especially for chronically ill people it is important to take care of the necessary prescriptions in time before the summer vacations, when many doctors close their practices: “Pharmacists are only allowed to dispense prescription drugs against a prescription even during the vacations”, says Thomas Wagner, press speaker of the pharmacists in the district Erlangen high city. Patients should therefore know when their doctor is going on vacation and have all the necessary medication prescribed beforehand, according to a press release from the Bavarian State Chamber of Pharmacists.
If you are spending your vacation abroad, you should ask the tour operator before you start your trip or check at the hotel at the beginning of your vacation for the nearest pharmacy – preferably one that speaks German, advises pharmacist Wagner: “However, travelers should be prepared for the fact that they will not find the same comprehensive supply of medicines everywhere as they do at home. I therefore urgently advise all holidaymakers to put together an individual first-aid kit at home before the start of their vacation.”

Finding emergency services by cell phone

If you are on vacation in Germany and need an urgent medication during the vacations, there are many ways to quickly and easily find the nearest emergency pharmacy: By cell phone, you can simply call 22833 and enter your zip code. Or “apo” send a text message to 22833 (maximum 69 cents/minute). The free landline number 0800/0022833 allows a convenient search from home. Users of smartphones and tablets can download the pharmacy finder as an app (fee required). In addition, a list of the next pharmacies on duty is displayed in each pharmacy.

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“Bamm bamm”, peke, wolff and co.this is what makes the dhb stars tick

16 players in handball coach Christian Prokop’s World Cup squad. This Friday, they can reach the final with a win in the semifinals against Norway in Hamburg. But what makes the players tick??

Andreas WOLFF: Tall, athletic, a bit crazy: national coach Prokop made him number one for the World Cup weeks before the tournament. Wolff justified the trust with partly outstanding performances.

Silvio HEINEVETTER: At 34, the oldest player on the team is also known outside of handball because he is dating actress Simone Thomalla. Has recently discovered Instagram for himself and seems to enjoy fun photos and videos. The goalkeeper is always there when needed.

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Costs are deferred

For the new construction of the fire station in Hebdorf, a contribution agreement must be concluded with the Seebachgruppe special-purpose association. That was a topic in the local council.

For the development of the FWGH Hebdorf, the engineering office Hohnen& Partners commissioned by the Seebachgruppe special-purpose association and the municipality of Hebdorf to jointly plan and carry out the construction work for the water supply, the wastewater system and the laying of empty pipes. For the division water supply on the part of the Zweckverband an appropriate planning order with a prospective fee at a value of approximately 7200 net had been given in accordance with the resolution of the federation meeting.

The company Ochs from Nuremberg was commissioned for the pipeline construction and the water supply work with a contract sum of just under 68,000 euros; the company also carried out the sewer construction and the empty pipe work for 154,000 euros. In the resolution of the association meeting of the ZV Seebachgruppe in June 2018, it was determined that cost recovery must be ensured for the special purpose association. The costs of just under 90,000 euros must be reimbursed by the municipality.

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Up close and personal with the cows

Up close and personal with the cows

Farmer Anja Wagenbrenner is a trained educator. But at present farm and occupation cannot be reconciled for them. She is a mother of two children, and takes care of the family and supports her husband Diethard Wagenbrenner in this way. But now they had children on their court again. Because Margot Schottdorf, the organizer of the vacation program.

“I’m most interested in the cows”, had already in the apron Lukas noted, and Nico added: “I’m more interested in the machines.” At the farm there was the opportunity to see both. In the barn Diethard Wagenbrenner talked about his currently about 150 animals. Of which 80 are dairy cows. One cow had just given birth to a calf the night before, which was still lying in the soft straw.

Because the Wagenbrenners have a dairy farm, the children were also allowed to taste the milk. Some even succeeded in distinguishing purchased milk from the milk of the Oberthulba farmer. Diethard Wagenbrenner explained: “The milk from the store is prepared with less fat. Ours has partly more than four percent, you can tell already.”

On 120 hectares

The girls and boys wanted to know if one can live from such a farm. That confirmed the yard farmer of the trade area Neumuhle. “It’s not easy, you have to work a lot on the 120-hectare farm, but it’s going well. What we grow goes exclusively back into our own business.” After the facts, the Wagenbrenner couple had prepared matches. Finally Diethard Wagenbrenner invited the brave ones to a tractor tour. At the end there was a picnic for refreshment.

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