A lecture and a tour of several days along the sinn and saale rivers

The Bad Bruckenau MS self-help group has organized a tour that will take participants on recumbent bicycles along the Sinn and Saale Rivers. From Bad Bruckenau the tour starts under the motto “Together instead of lonely to Obersinn, Gemunden, Hammelburg and Bad Kissingen.

Already on Thursday, 15. August, the kick-off event will be held with a pictorial presentation. Beginning is at 18 o’clock with a Come together with meals. At 19 o’clock there is a picture lecture on the bicycle journey of Carsten Gruner through the Pamir mountains in Central Asia. There are breathtaking landscapes and the touching hospitality in Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan to see. Gruner has covered 1200 kilometers at an altitude of up to 4655 meters. The lecture lasts about two hours.

Start is on Friday, 16. August, at 12 o’clock at the peace church in Bad Bruckenau, where first the formalities are settled and there are briefings and/or tricycle adjustments. The participants return in the evening in each case with the bus to Bad Bruckenau and go with bus the next morning again to the starting point.

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Rauhe ebrach should get new spawning grounds

The Bad Kissingen Water Management Office wants to renaturalize a section of the Rauhe Ebrach in Untersteinbach. About it Frank Pillhofer informed the local council Rauhenebrach in its meeting on Tuesday.

In order to be able to carry out the measure, the Free State would also have to acquire some land along the watercourse “because we basically only build on our own land”, Pillhofer explained. He is responsible for the supervision of water bodies in the water management office.

Pillhofer explained the plans, which are primarily intended to improve the ecological condition of the Rauhe Ebrach. One main focus is on the passability of the waters for fish and other aquatic life. The Rauhe Ebrach has several falls or cataracts, especially on this section past Untersteinbach. “On the one hand, this brings oxygen into the water, but for many creatures in the water they are an obstacle”, explained Pillhofer.

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Spvgg greuther furth is the new partner of the “kickers sg

SpVgg Greuther Furth is the new partner of the 'Kickers SG

The “Kickers-SG with TSV Neudrossenfeld, TSV Trebgast and TSV Harsdorf are breaking new ground in youth soccer and have agreed on a partnership with the second division soccer team SpVgg Greuther Furth. The start of this partnership will take place next Saturday, 2. September, from 13.30 o’clock, on the sports field of TSV Neudrossenfeld, when among others the E- and F-youth of the Furth team will play against the host SG.
This partnership came into being a quarter of a year ago, when TSV chairman Gerald Weinrich happened to get in touch with the managing director of SpVgg Greuther Furth, Holger Schwiewagner. According to Weinrich, the Furth team is primarily interested in building up a base in Upper Franconia, since most of the kids tend to go to FC Bayern Munich or 1. FC Nuremberg orientate. The second-division club is therefore looking for partner clubs, such as DJK Don Bosco Bamberg (Bayernliga) – or Kickers-SG.
Weinrich was surprised at the conversation with Schwiewagner in Furth, how quickly the two moved on a line. “It was a very sympathetic conversation that lasted over two hours and was not at all planned that way.”

Enthusiastic philosophy

The two E- and F-youth teams from Furth were also invited to the family afternoon next Saturday: “This is to prove that this partnership is not just hot air. SpVgg Greuther Furth is now looking for opponents in Thuringia and Saxony for the friendly matches for their A and B youth, who also play in the Bundesliga – they want to play the matches halfway, and our sports ground is a good place to do so.”
There will be various actions in the partnership. It was agreed that the Kickers-SG would provide children for the second league games of SpVgg Greuther Furth. They also want to achieve synergy effects with the equipment – especially since the club colors of TSV Neudrossenfeld also happen to be green and white. Weinrich: “What impressed me most of all was the philosophy that they are driving in Furth. It is similar to Ralf Rangnick in Leipzig. They attach great importance to etiquette, friendliness, punctuality and discipline in youth soccer. This is no longer the case in many clubs – and I don’t exclude us completely from that. And if we let ourselves be a little inspired by this philosophy, we will benefit from it. Our trainers are allowed to observe in Furth. You are allowed to come down and accompany training sessions at any time. They will not only bring new exercises with them, but they will also experience a way of dealing with each other that we don’t know like that.” At the family afternoon, a winner is determined from the stations of goal wall shooting, penalty shooting, holding the ball up, dribbling and shooting power (via a measuring device). There will be a reward for all children up to 13 years of age, and the best in each age group will also receive a prize. Weinrich: “We want to awaken enthusiasm for soccer among the children from the three partner communities. But the clubs also want to present themselves during the afternoon and show that it’s fun to play soccer in our region.”

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Almost 600 animals presented themselves on 1000 square meters

Almost 600 animals presented themselves on 1000 square meters

It was the usual, but always beautiful picture: Clucking, crowing, cooing and chattering welcomed the visitors of the district show Kulmbach and the simultaneous local show of the poultry breeding club Neudrossenfeld. In the more than 1000 square meters large hall at the vineyard almost 600 pigeons, bantams, chickens, ducks and geese presented themselves.

Great variety

And it was a true splendor, in which variety the animals presented themselves: Proud land geese in matt shimmering light gray plumage, the massive Australorps cock, the cute bantams and the curious rabbits.

The level was impressive, because the eight judges did not have it easy to award the best creatures. They could 24 times the highest rating “excellent” awarded and at the same time still the district champions 2018 to choose.

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