Energy-conscious behavior earned 500 euros

Energy-conscious behavior earned 500 euros

As part of the Leader-supported project “Experience energy – learning in a different way” the Stockheim elementary school was awarded first prize in the energy-saving competition for its school building in Reitsch. The energy saving competition, which took place in the districts of Hof, Kronach and Wunsiedel, was held under the motto “Save energy – protect the climate – move the world”. For one year, the consumption of water, electricity and heat in the participating schools was measured and compared with the previous year. The winner of the energy-saving competition was quickly determined: Stockheim Elementary School came out on top with an energy saving of 50.9 percent compared to 2016.
In the course of the energy-saving competition, Stockheim Elementary School also took part in the “Experience Energy” project The students took part in a discussion with project manager Anna Degelmann on questions such as “What is energy??”, “How much energy do we consume at home?” getting to the bottom.
They were then able to put their new knowledge into practice in the energy-saving competition. Under the guidance of Astrid Kestel and Siegbert Jakob, the students creatively explored various ways of saving energy. Energy watchdogs check plugs and light wasters, make sure that the air is properly ventilated and the heating properly regulated, and check power guzzlers and water taps.
The award ceremony was framed by the class 3a GTK and pupils of the 4a by different musical elements and a play about energy saving at the elementary school Reitsch. School councilor Kerstin Zapf raved about the commitment of the students. Mayor Rainer Detsch was impressed by a saving of 5500 euros due to the energy-conscious behavior of the students and the replacement of the old illuminants. The energy vision Frankenwald e.V. was enthusiastic about the commitment and dedication of the Reitsch students and was therefore pleased to be able to reward the first prize in the energy saving competition with 500 euros.

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Employment agency combats shortage of skilled workers: training is key issue

Employment agency combats shortage of skilled workers: training is key issue

“The economy lacks skilled workers.” This complaint is not new, and the fact that the economy is currently weakening and many a company has laid off employees has not changed the fact that many another is struggling to find well-trained personnel.

Reason enough for the employment agency in the Bayreuth-Hof district to make the search for skilled workers a key issue in 2020. This will not only be about making German employees fit for qualified jobs through training and further education. Instead, the aim is to recruit skilled workers from abroad in order to fill vacancies where the shortage is particularly great.

For example, in nursing care. As Sebastian Peine, head of the Bayreuth-Hof employment agency, and Udo Kolb, managing director for operations, explained, the demand here can no longer be met with domestic workers alone. This is taken into account by the still relatively new skilled labor immigration law, which is intended to facilitate acquisition abroad.

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Thomas d about life in corona times

Thomas D about life in Corona times

Learning at home instead of at school – that has also stressed the Fantastischen Vier quite a bit during the corona-related school closures.

“We have all the children who go to school. I really had to nibble at homeschooling,” band member Thomas D told the “Munchner Merkur” (Tuesday edition). “What a madness to do homework with the kids. My son is twelve and goes to high school. When the one with math comes….”

The musician came up with an unusual way to relax – according to the paper, he got himself an excavator: “I love digging holes.”What these are to be good for, he does not know yet exactly.

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When it comes to peace in europe, renate schroff relies on youth

When it comes to peace in Europe, Renate Schroff relies on youth

In the twin town of Wolfsberg in Carinthia, Renate Schroff took part in the events marking Europe Day. In her welcoming address, the second mayor emphasized that it is precisely through international educational cooperation that mutual understanding and tolerance are promoted. “It is the youth that gives us hope that peace in Europe will be further consolidated”, said Schroff. Accompanied by the head of the secondary school, Heinz Proll, and the deputy principal of the vocational training center, Thomas Schock.
Heinz Proll had already participated in the Comenius project “Eco Media-Europe” in 2006 participated. Since 2012, he has been a national network partner and speaker at international conferences. The project for vocational orientation at secondary schools in five countries is to be continued within the framework of the Erasmus+ program.

Close cooperation

For years, there has been close cooperation between Schaeffler’s apprentice workshop and the vocational schools in Herzogenaurach, Wolfsberg, Nova Gradiska (Croatia), and Varpalota (Hungary). 20 office management trainees are in their third exchange year with schools in London and Dublin, including a four-week language course and company internship.
The other schools and kindergartens in Herzogenaurach have also been involved in international activities for years. For example, the Cuntz-Reyther elementary school is cooperating with the Wolfsberg elementary school in the area of traffic education, the Carl Platz school with the St. Johann at the linguistic education.
The Herzogenaurach students visited the Federal School Center, the Special Education Center and the Maximilian Schell School Center in Wolfsberg. Particularly impressive here were the measures for inclusion.

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Oak processionary moth in the habberge district: no need for panic

Oak processionary moth in the Habberge district: No need for panic

The oak processionary moth turns out to be a harmless moth at the end of July, beginning of August. Its history, however, makes you sit up and take notice, because before that it was a larva – and in a certain phase of its existence it can become an unpleasant contemporary. In the district of Hassberge, the animals were discovered and professionally removed at the outdoor swimming pool in Ebern, at the playground in Unterpreppach, near Konigsberg and at the school center in Hassfurt, among others – which is sometimes necessary, especially near populated areas.

Because: From the third larvae stage, which according to the Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Union of Germany, they reach “already from the end of April/beginning of May” the insects form stinging hairs that contain a nettle toxin. If people or animals come into contact with it, it can become unpleasant.
This experience, for example, Dr. Klaus Mandery has already made this experience. The biogeographer from Ebern is, among other things, chairman of the Hassberge district group of the German Nature Conservation Union and managing director of the Institute for Biodiversity Information Ebern. Insects are his specialty – he has already spotted the oak processionary moth (EPS) on numerous excursions in the Hassberge district. “I know a whole series of nests”, he says.

The skin reddens and hurts

During the research work he had already come into contact with the stinging hairs and that was admittedly painful. The nettle poison caused an allergic reaction on the skin, red pustules formed, but the symptoms subsided after a few hours. However, depending on predisposition and possible allergies, the stinging hairs can also cause worse skin or eye irritations, in some cases even allergic shocks.

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Scientist to the buchwald route: there all kulmbach would have to be vehement against it

Scientist to the Buchwald route: There all Kulmbach would have to be vehement against it

As a native of Upper Franconia, he got to know and appreciate Plassenburg Castle in his youth. Today, decades later, as a scientist recognized far beyond the region, Herbert Popp follows the discussion about the development of the castle with great astonishment and concern. And he has a clear opinion on the route through the Buchwald forest favored by the palace administration: “Very problematic!”

It would be very problematic to steer tourist buses through the old town and over Spiegel and Wolfskehle to Leithen. It would also be very problematic to build a three-kilometer-long road through the middle of the forest. “The whole of Kulmbach would have to be vehemently against it.” He is also surprised that the castle administration behaves in such detail as an institution for urban development planning. He emphasizes that he does not believe that he can offer the ideal solution. But he could hopefully provide food for thought and promote discussion.

Popp has a clear favorite regarding the development of the castle for cultural tourism: “A cable car from Grunwehr/Schwedensteg to Plassenburg would be the most compatible solution.” There would be parking spaces in the Weibmain valley. And there would be the museums in the Monchshof. “This can be combined wonderfully.” And this solution would be extremely compatible with the cityscape.

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Tim herzog is the new youth advisor

Tim Herzog is the new youth advisor

The new deanery youth officer, Tim Herzog, is no stranger to the region: After all, he was involved in youth work in Kasendorf, then held the position of advisor for the project “Gladly young, evangelical” from summer 2008 and maintained contacts with the communities of Buchau, Hutschdorf, Wonsees and Kasendorf. Since 2010, however, this activity has been reduced to a half-time position – and so Tim Herzog is pleased that since January he has officially been able to take up the half-time position as deanery youth officer – in addition to the project work (still running until 31. September 2012) got to it.

Tim Herzog, who comes from Eschwege, is actually a trained electrician. “It’s a nice job, but I didn’t always want to do it”, he tells. Through his involvement in youth work, Tim Herzog then came to study at the Tabor Protestant University in Marburg, Germany. He passed his bachelor’s exam with flying colors. He came to the Kulmbach region via an internship. And there he has remained.

To this day, Tim Herzog has no regrets. In his new function, he is responsible for Buchau, Weismain, Hutschdorf, Langenstadt, Azendorf, Peesten, Kasendorf, Wonsees, Thurnau, Limmersdorf, Berndorf, Trumsdorf, Krogelstein and Hollfeld. “I’m currently still in the survey phase, I first have to look at what all exists”, explains Herzog, who wants to make a strong case for the accompaniment of volunteers and further training. “At the moment, my daily bread is getting to know staff and circles. There I had already so some good discussion.”

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Renovation concept for district culture room changed

Renovation concept for district culture room changed

Time is running out. Because by the 30. In November, the grant application must be received by the Bavarian state government in order to apply for the subsidies for the renovation of the district culture room. And these are considerable. “We are hoping for a 60 percent subsidy.”, said District Administrator Oswald Marr (SPD) at the meeting of the School and Culture Committee.

The modified renovation concept and the vote on it had become necessary, because now subsidies from the cultural fund of the government and the Upper Franconia Foundation are in prospect.
The sticking points of the renovation are the seating situation and the associated comfort for the spectators, as well as the ventilation of the room. Other points include a lifting platform in the orchestra pit, stage and sound technology, and a possible portal extension in the stage area. The district councilors agreed to all changes, except for the widening of the stage.

This results in additional costs of 550,000 euros compared to the cost estimate from August. In total, the renovation would cost around 5.6 million euros. If Marr’s hope is fulfilled that there will be subsidies of 60 percent, then about 2.2 million euros will remain with the district. Sabine Porzel and Andre Volk of the architecture office Spindler+ explained the changes of the past concept to the council members, on the basis a power point presentation. When explanations were needed, district cultural officer Gisela Lang intervened. The district councilors agreed on the reduction of the seating to a maximum of 510 seats in favor of more seating comfort and legroom. “510 seats are completely sufficient for our needs”, said Marr. The biggest advantage is the 90 centimeter distance to the next row of chairs and wider chairs of 56 centimeters (previously 52).

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An unexpected championship title

An unexpected championship title

On the weekend, the Rogner martial arts school in Ebern held a black belt examination in kickboxing in the gymnasium of the Ebern high school. After weeks of preparation in training, the athletes had to prove their skills. A total of eight athletes from Bavaria and North Rhine-Westphalia were there. But not all of them passed the exam.
Hand and foot techniques were on the program, as well as fall school and self-defense. It was important to make as few mistakes as possible. The athletes were tested by Harald Rogner (martial arts school Ebern, 10. Dan Kickboxing), Werner Hirz (Kickboxing School Dorfen, 3. Dan Kickboxing) and Dietmar Schild (Kickboxing School TV Ochsenfurt, 3. Dan Jiu Jitsu).

Sven Muller passes the test

Niclas Plaschke (Tutzing) and Jorg Marx (Oberthal) each took first place in the “Christmas in a Shoebox” campaign. Andreas Jurantis (Munich) managed the second master degree. Stefan Muller from the Rogner martial arts school took up the challenge to become the fourth Dan in kickboxing. Muller mastered the test with flying colors and achieved his goal.

Surprise for Sven Rogner

He had chosen teammate Sven Rogner as his examination partner. At the end of the examination there was a surprise – Sven Rogner was also – without knowing it – taken the fifth Dan. He showed the achievement, which was necessary for it and received the higher master degree.

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Daphne de luxe hosts “ladies night

Daphne de Luxe hosts 'Ladies Night

The stand-up comedienne Daphne de Luxe, who comes from Kronach, will take over the hosting of the legendary cabaret show “Ladies Night” from 2019, alternating with her colleagues Lisa Feller and Meltem Kaptan (Das Erste/WDR).

After twelve years of “Ladies Night Gerburg Jahnke has decided to pass on the job of host at the turn of the year. The moderation of the first and only comedy and cabaret show with an all-female cast on German-language television will then be taken over by Daphne de Luxe, Lisa Feller and Meltem Kaptan.

Daphne de Luxe, a native of Upper Franconia, is looking forward to the task with awe: “Sometimes I still can’t believe it myself. When I appeared on Ladies Night for the first time a few years ago, it was a special honor for me. To be able to follow in the huge footsteps of Gerburg Jahnke together with her colleagues will be a special challenge, she has achieved so much for us women on comedy and cabaret stages. I am in awe and grateful at the same time and am very much looking forward to this new task.”

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