When it comes to peace in europe, renate schroff relies on youth

When it comes to peace in Europe, Renate Schroff relies on youth

In the twin town of Wolfsberg in Carinthia, Renate Schroff took part in the events marking Europe Day. In her welcoming address, the second mayor emphasized that it is precisely through international educational cooperation that mutual understanding and tolerance are promoted. “It is the youth that gives us hope that peace in Europe will be further consolidated”, said Schroff. Accompanied by the head of the secondary school, Heinz Proll, and the deputy principal of the vocational training center, Thomas Schock.
Heinz Proll had already participated in the Comenius project “Eco Media-Europe” in 2006 participated. Since 2012, he has been a national network partner and speaker at international conferences. The project for vocational orientation at secondary schools in five countries is to be continued within the framework of the Erasmus+ program.

Close cooperation

For years, there has been close cooperation between Schaeffler’s apprentice workshop and the vocational schools in Herzogenaurach, Wolfsberg, Nova Gradiska (Croatia), and Varpalota (Hungary). 20 office management trainees are in their third exchange year with schools in London and Dublin, including a four-week language course and company internship.
The other schools and kindergartens in Herzogenaurach have also been involved in international activities for years. For example, the Cuntz-Reyther elementary school is cooperating with the Wolfsberg elementary school in the area of traffic education, the Carl Platz school with the St. Johann at the linguistic education.
The Herzogenaurach students visited the Federal School Center, the Special Education Center and the Maximilian Schell School Center in Wolfsberg. Particularly impressive here were the measures for inclusion.

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Breakfast: mir kenned alles, oder ned?

Breakfast: Mir kenned alles, oder ned?

I thought I had made it. Thought my years of effort had paid off. Thought I was slowly integrated. Yes, I even thought I understand my fellow men by now. Wrong.

For four years now I’ve been living in Bavaria, sorry Franconia. 1460 days ago I turned my back on my Swabian homeland. 35040 hours I survive now already (almost) without Maultaschen and Kasspatzle.

Oh, I’ve tried so many things. Looked for new friends, who can roll the “R. Traded beer for wine and even squeezed into a dirndl – even if only for Oktoberfest. Is all this supposed to have been of no use?

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Parish festival and excursion

Two church services are planned with the participation of the church choir and the church band “Mini-Flauto-Rondo”, A cozy wine evening in the youth center “Villa (from 8 p.m.) and a guided tour of the church. The Altenkunstadter Sanktgeorgspfadfinder will ensure with handicrafts that also the young visitors will not be bored. The members of the parish council, headed by chairwoman Anni Guckel, have made extensive preparations for the feast. Offers for young and old should let the faithful feel: “We all belong together”!” The program begins on Saturday at 19 o’clock with an evening service in the parish church “Maria Geburt” with the participation of the church choir.

The festival Sunday begins at 10 o’clock with a family service. Starting at 11 a.m., helpers serve food on the grounds of the “Villa” Soup and small cold dishes. Coffee and cake in the afternoon. Those who want can climb the 52 meter high church tower. Church tours are scheduled for 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. Thomas Geldner will inform about the history of the church, which was inaugurated in 1537. The members of the parish council and volunteers will meet tomorrow at 9 a.m. in the “Villa” to the construction work.

Senior trip to Lower Franconia

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New iphones in a double pack: colorful, fast and with a super camera

New iPhones in a double pack: Colorful, fast and with a super camera

And that quickly becomes noticeable in the practical use of the iPhone 5s and also the entry-level model 5c.

Among Apple’s innovations, two things stand out. First, the team around chief designer Jony Ive has decisively improved the camera function. In addition, there is a fingerprint reader under the home button of the iPhone 5s, with which Apple wants to enable users to more conveniently protect their data on the smartphone.

In the iPhone 5s, the built-in iSight camera now achieves a larger aperture of f/2.2, which allows the smartphone to take impressively good photos even in the evening in the living room by candlelight. In low light without the flash on, the iPhone 5s takes four pictures in a row and merges them into one motif. With this night mode, you don’t have to wait several seconds for the result, as with the Samsung S4, but can continue snapping immediately.

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Kerwasburschen buckenhofen celebrate their tenth anniversary

Kerwasburschen Buckenhofen celebrate their tenth anniversary

They are still at the forefront when it comes to setting up the kerwabaum: Georg Bauer and Michael Dittrich. At the tenth anniversary of the Buckenhofener Kerwasburschen, the current leadership of the association around Stephan Schneider and Steffen Kneitz appointed both of them honorary members.

It is to be owed to the two men that one can celebrate in Buckenhofen now for the twelfth time the Zeltkerwa on the festival area between sport home and sluice. Although the then independent municipality of Buckenhofen had only chapels and no church, for a good 100 years – from the end of the 19th century onwards – it was a place of worship. Century until the end of the 20. Century the Kirchweih after old tradition. Then it slowly fell asleep, until 22 years ago Georg Bauer took the initiative and revived the custom again.

The kermis tree stood in front of the inn “Zur Sonne” and the approximately 30 Kerwasburschen were only a loose union. Things went well for twelve years, but then differences arose.

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100 New courses in the vhs program

100 new courses in the Vhs program

In particular, traditionally sought-after exercise and prevention courses such as Pilates, fitness and spinal gymnastics, pelvic floor training and Zumba will be offered additionally in the morning. In addition to the popular patient seminars at the Kitzinger Land Clinic on hypertension and stroke, the health education program focuses on surgical medicine: minimally invasive procedures in trauma surgery, the possibilities and limitations of artificial joints, and a weighing of surgical ENT interventions and the therapy alternatives using the example of tonsils and adenoids.

Languages and health

The lecture “From the appearance and being in the medicine” puts patients into the position to be able to question in the future the sense of treatment procedures and to examine health promises for their truthfulness.
In the program area languages, folk music in the afternoon – English with the guitar, English conversation and small talk courses strengthen the offer. Spanish for beginners is offered as a compact course during the Easter holidays.
At the special request of many citizens, the Kitzingen Integration Council, in cooperation with the Vhs, has for the first time compiled 16 offers for citizens of other origins and cultures, also with the desire and intention to get to know the city, its institutions and people better.
Tips and practical exercises on digital photography, film recording and editing are also part of the Vhs repertoire. The great demand for dancing, cooking or sewing is unbroken, so that there are always other topics, for example Tango Argentino, Indian cuisine or large city bags made of whale fabrics that do not fray.
But also classical information events are to be found in the program. A generation advisor discusses the topics of health care proxy, living will, nursing care and last will and testament. In cooperation with the Kitzingen District Health Office, the parents’ seminar “Help, my child is going through puberty” is offered!” offered. The series of lectures for dog lovers will also be continued with the aspects “Home Remedies for Dogs” and “Dog language – comprehensibly explained in picture and sound”.

Living in old age

With topics such as “Does everyone need a consultant or coach??”, “Living in old age” or “A clear view of the jungle of subsidies for the renovation of old buildings and energy-efficient new construction” will be held on current topics.
Who still wants to occupy itself with the mysterious Mayas in the year 2013, can extend its knowledge on two evenings. The popular travel multivision tours through Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, to Tuscany and Liguria, as well as to Canada, rounded off the program.

Program is also available on the Internet

Distribution of the Vhs program booklets in the city and district of Kitzingen begins on Friday with a print run of 30,000 copies. The program booklet can also be downloaded online as a pdf file from the vhs Kitzingen homepage www.vhs.kitzingen.browse info or download. Online registrations for the courses and seminars are now possible, telephone and personal registrations again from Monday, 18. February to the used opening times in the Luitpoldbau, telephone 09321/920898. The first courses start on 25. February.

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Scotland’s chief expert resigns over corona editions

Scotland's chief expert resigns over Corona editions

The Scottish government’s top health official, Catherine Calderwood, has resigned after breaches of her own exit restrictions in the Corona crisis.

After their misconduct had met with great indignation in Great Britain, Calderwood drew the consequences late on Sunday evening.

The expert admitted to having gone to her family’s country home on two consecutive weekends. Earlier, the newspaper “Scottish Sun” had published photos of the expert from a popular destination on the coast. “I didn’t follow the advice I gave to others,” Calderwood said at a news conference. “I am very sorry.”

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This is what the new kulmbach looks like

This is what the new Kulmbach looks like

That’s it for the old Muller malthouse: the demolition excavator will soon be moving in on the historic brick building that is so characteristic of the cityscape. Yesterday, the city council gave the green light for the mega project of the Rosenheim investor Drosel, who wants to build a complex with 157 residential units – 120 for students, 37 for senior citizens – in Pestalozzistrasse. Also our commentary.

After a short debate, OB Henry Schramm, CSU, SPD, WGK and Greens agreed on Thursday in rare unanimity that the malt house is not worth preserving. Only one was against: Thomas Nagel from the FDP. Over its motives one learned however nothing.

Concentration camp ovens for Auschwitz

The only remaining part of the building is the tower, which will be gutted and used as a staircase. It would have been difficult to preserve the seven-story brick building in neo-Gothic style, which is a listed building. It was built in 1910 according to plans by J. A. pot& The company built the crematoria and concentration camp ovens for Auschwitz and other extermination camps.

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Spring gets dogs going

Spring gets dogs going

Attractive dog sport and very respectable performances were experienced by participants and numerous guests at the spring test of the local group Bad Staffelstein-Lichtenfels in the German Shepherd Dog Association (SV).
In ideal weather conditions, three German shepherd dogs and ten dogs of other breeds were presented to the critical eyes of judge Horst Kaim (Pressig) and judge candidate Monika Gutknecht (Gemunden am Main) in subordination, tracking and working dog performance tests.
Among the participants were eight guests from the dog rescue squadron Kronach, from Ebersdorf and the dog school Dogsys (Bad Staffelstein). With the assistance of the chairman Rudi Waid as well as Thorsten Poppe (Schutzdiensthelfer), Sylvia Lehnard and Guido Aurich (Tracker) the tests took place on the club grounds at Staffelsteiner Ochsenanger. Judge Kaim was pleased after about seven hours of sports program to have seen consistently well-prepared dogs and handlers. Results: Utility dog test IPO 1: Jux – led by Edgar Baumann (Bad Staffelstein): 286 (96/94/96a) points (excellent), Zenit vom alten Grieshof – Sabine Scherer (Bad Staffelstein): 286 (94/97/95a) points (excellent), Face vom Holzmicheltal – Katharina Poppe (Neustadt bei Coburg) 285 (93/96/96a) points (very good) Tracking dog test FH-2: Arie von der Eichendorfschule – Guido Aurich (Kronach): 88 points (good), tracking dog test FH-1: Emma vom Haus Mink – Harald Herold (Ebersdorf): 92 points (very good), companion dog test BgH1: Dileyla von Kunstadt – Kathrin Dusella (Memmelsdorf): 81 points, Pia von der Boxer-Meute – Martin Stegner (Coburg): 83 points (both good), companion dog test BGH: Nala – Uwe Lux (Sonnefeld), Quinto vom Thurnhof – Tim Griebel (Ahorn), Coockie – Thomas Grunbeck (Pressig), Luis des Lusan – Jennifer Bruns (Ebersdorf), Sina vom Mechlenburger Buffel – Jean-Philip Rebhan (Pressig), Paula – Lisa Eckert (all passed).

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Christmas in a shoebox” campaign starts again

Christmas in a shoebox' campaign starts again

So this is what angels look like nowadays: Quite unspectacular, without wings and halo, but with a smile that warms your soul. Renate Strung and Maria Fast are such angels. Christmas angel. They are a crucial part of an international aid project that really brings Christmas to where it was some 2,000 years ago: to poor dwellings, to people who have nothing, who have often lost even the hope of a glimmer of light.

Action goes to twelve target countries

Children from two to fourteen years of age are the target group of the “Christmas in a Shoebox” campaign. They live in Bulgaria, Georgia, Mongolia, Kosovo, Belarus and many other countries of the former Eastern Bloc as well as in the West Bank. Around half a million children from Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein and South Tyrol were given Christmas presents in this way last year. So many packages have been dropped off by compassionate individuals at collection points like Renate Strung’s.

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